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it means that if you likes u he might be shy but if he doesnt he just doesnt like u?

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Start a conversation with him. If he doesnt want to talk to you he will tell you.

A boy that does not want to talk to you anymore will not call or text as much. This boy will probably have excuses as to why he can't hang out.

well he likes you or he just doesnt want to talk to you.

Accept it, if he really doesn't want to talk to you then you can't make him. If you keep trying to talk to him when he isn't interest in you that will just annoy him and then he really will start to dislike you.

Because hes scared, or shy. He probley doesnt know wether you like him or not, so he doesnt want to talk to you incase you dont like him and he feels stupid :')

it either means he isn't interested in you, doesnt want to hang around you, or is getting over the breakup

It means he doesnt want to talk about it because he doesnt want to do what ever it is you said sometime about

If you want a boy to talk to you, you should start a conversation with him first.

no it means he considers you and likes to talk to u but doesnt want to show his feelings

Talk About How Much You Want A Kiss From Him

If they are too shy to talk to you, they would be shy towards others, too. But if they are full of energy towards others, chances are, they dont like you!

he either doesnt like you or he doesnt want to talk to you at the time or he wants to make you jealous.... and its working huh?

he doesnt have real conversations with youhe doesnt really talk to youhe refers to you as his best friendall signs of him jus wanting to be friends with you nothing more and dont take it personaly either because think to yourself do you really wan tto fight for a boy who doesnt really want to be with you

if he avoids you and wont talk to you.

Talk to him. Let him know everything you like. Be yourself. ;)

you answered your own question , it means she doesn't want to be your friend or talk to you

He likes you and he doesnt want anyone else to know go ask him out seriously. He likes you and he doesnt want anyone else to know go ask him out seriously. maybe he is shy when he is around people. If he doesnt talk to you when he his around people it does not mean he does not like you is just that he is shy

i have had this problem before and i assume if the boy does not have a girlfriend, flirt with other girls, and if he only talks to guys and doesnt hang out with any girls, he is gay. if you suspect he is you may want to talk to him about this

he doesnt talk to u cuz he has feelings for you and he afraid to approch you were his brother doesnt feel u like dat so its easier

Well, if you look pretty and he still doesnt want to talk, try to suduce him. if he doesnt come through, your ugly. if not then just keep going on to another guy.

He doesnt want them to talk about Daisy

She doesnt like being a girl