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What if my car shuts off from overheating with the oil pressure light on and also has coolant splattered around under the hood and low coolant in the reservoir and i heard tapping after restarting?


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November 03, 2007 10:49PM

I'd be checking the head gasket. Pull the oil dipstick and if the oil is overfull and looks like chocolate milk you need a motor. If it still runs o/k fill up rad and let it run to operating temp with the rad cap off. If it bubbles like a pot of boiling water you have a head gasket problem. You did check for coolant leaks & oil level already??

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I did check the dip stick and it was very low, after some reading i now know that was the cause of the tapping sound. I added some oil, and refilled the then completely empty reservoir. I then turned the car on, waited a bit and added some more antifreeze as the reservoir lowered a bit. My neighbor explained that was due to it circulating back into the system.

There are more problems now with the thermostat, but I believe I should submit a new question.

Thanks for the help :)