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i have found this problem to be caused by the ignition switch that is mounted on top of the stering colum under the dash. if you have ABS, the ABS light will stay on and the trans will not shift.

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Can you use Safari with Windows XP?

Yes. The Windows version of Safari runs on Windows XP.

Where is the blower motor resistor located on a 1996 safari van?

The blower motor resistor on a 1996 Safari Van is located on the blower motor. The blower motor is on the fire wall inside the engine compartment on the passenger side.

Does Safari work on Windows 8?

Yes, Safari does work on Windows 8. I have downloaded it and tested it myself.

Why can Microsoft users use Safari?

Because Apple also designed Safari for Windows also. I personally only like Safari on Mac, not on Windows.

What are the system requirements for Safari on Windows XP?

Safari itself does not have any system requirements beyond the need for Windows XP itself. In other words, if it can run Windows XP, it can run Safari.

Do you need Windows 7 if you have safari?


Is Apple Safari compatible with Windows Vista?

Yes. Safari has supported Windows Vista since its initial release for Windows, version 3.0, on Jue 11, 2007.

Does safari harm windowsxp?

Apple's Safari is a web browser it will not harm Windows XP.

Can Safari be downloaded into a Toshiba laptop?

Yep, Apple have released a Windows version of Safari

Were is the starter for your 95 gm safari truck?

On my 95 Safari van, the starter is on the bottom rear end of the motor, on the passenger side. Can easily see it without jacking it up.

Does Safari work on Windows Vista?

Yes it does.

How do you download Safari on Windows?

To download Safari on a PC you need to go to the Safari download page and click on the Download Safari button. (See links below)

Rear air blower has stopped blowing Where is the rear air blower motor located 1996 Safari?

Ours did this and the on/off switch was bad.

Why does the blower switch work on all but high for 1997 GMC Safari?

You need to replace the blower motor resistor. I've been there done that.

What are the similarities of Google Chrome and safari?

Google Chrome and Safari both are web browsers. Safari only works in Apple while Chrome is for Windows.

What happens when you quit safari on mac?

All the Safari windows close and memory that was used by Safari is returned to availability. Closing a window does not quit Safari. Command Q or Menu item "Quit Safari" will actually quit the application.

The blower on your GMC Safari worked on and off and now dose not work at all?

My '93 Safari does the same thing. I probably need to replace the blower motor but I found that, with the engine running and with the fan switched to high, if I open the hood and tap on the blower motor housing with a piece of wood, the motor starts and runs for a period of time. After repeating this a few times when the motor doesn't run, it seems to work fine for weeks before quitting again. Hope that helps.

Does a samsung nc10 come with Windows 7?

No it comes with Safari

What does the starter of a gmc safari look like?

Bottom, passenger side of motor.

Why will the heater blower on your 2002 GM Safari not work?

It could be the blower motor, control switch, relay (if your vehicle uses one), loose connection or bad fuse.

How do you put parental block with safari on windows?

Putting a parental block on Safari on Windows is simple. Just go to your system preferences, click on parental controls, and set the blocks you wish to set.

Can you catch totodile in the safari zone?

NO, todile is a starter Pokemon which starter Pokemon cannot be caught. Though, you could obtain one by cheats.

Do you need to have windows sp for ipod touch?

you really dont need windows sp for the itouch you already have safari.

What is the use of safari web browser in Macintosh?

The Safari Web Browser is like Internet Explorer for Windows. The Safari Web Browser is the main browser used for Macintosh systems, and on all iOS devices such as Macintosh computers, the iPod Touch, the iPhone, and the iPad. Safari can also be downloaded onto other operating systems such as Windows or Linux.

Is it possible to download Safari in Dell?

Yes, you can if you are running Windows operating system. You can download Safari from the Apple website. Look below for the link.