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This refers to the second oxygen sensor on Bank 1. Bank 1 is the same side of the engine that cylinder 1 is on, the very front cylinder on the drivers side. It could need to be replaced, or there could be a short to voltage on the O2 signal circuit, or it could also be that the connector has been corroded, and needs to just be cleaned. I believe this code is the same for all vehicles, not just Toyotas.

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92 Toyota Paseo is overheating Fan not coming on unless AC or Heater is turned on?

Check the temp sensor. The control is not turning on the fan when engine temp requires it, so the most common cause is the sensor.

Can daytime running lights on Toyota highlander be turned off?

Yes! For a 2007 Toyota Highlander Hybrid, at least, all it takes is the removal of one relay labelled DRL to deactivate with no ill effects. It's a five-minute job that took me almost a year to discover.

Why does my Toyota truck with 22re engine surge while idling?

Is the AC turned on?

Why my check engine check lights won't appear when my Toyota Cressida ignition is turned on and it cranks ok but will not start?

could be a bad crank sensor, it wont always set a code, ive had a few that dont. if you have a scope or scan tool, manually check that the sensor is good.

'04 Toyota Highlander was left in Park and turned off and found it had rolled down the driveway the next morning. How could this happen?

Parking pawl in transmission broken?

How do you check if the o2 sensor in a 92 Suzuki sidekick is working right?

if you disconnect the o2 sensor cable in the air intake then start the engine you would see the check engine sign turned on in the gauge panel. It is on then the sensor is working if off the the sensor may have problems

What causes the check engine light to stay on in a 2002 Pontiac Montana?

Good Chance this is caused by a faulty O2 Sensor. I had the engine light stuck on in my 2002 Montana and replaced rear O2 sensor and it turned it off.

What is the cause of idle up and down and check engine lights appears everytime you turned on the engine?

If you car is equip with a idler sensor you might want to replace it.

Malfunction indicator light comes on on Toyota Echo 2004 but it is not a lose cap?

My 2000 Echo had a similar problem. It turned out to be a bad Mass Air Flow Sensor chip, making the car run to rich, and in turn making the engine light come on.

Where is the coolant sensor located for the radiator fans on a 1998 Rav4?

the fans are operated by means of a series of relays which are turned on or off by the engine computer. the engine coolant temp sensor that sends its signal to the engine computer is what indirectly turns on the fans. if there is no check engine light for a coolant temp. sensor code, the problem lies in the fans themselves, or the relays and related wiring.

Where is the cam position sensor on a 2000 Chevy Express with a 5.7 engine?

The camshaft position sensor is located under the distributor cap and rotor. You'll notice a connector from the wiring harness attached to it. The engine will have to be turned over until the notch on the distributor lines up with the sensor in order to remove it

Why does a fan of a 1990 neon stay on after engine is turned off?

Engine hot and fan cooling it down?Fan temperature sensor bad and it just thinks engine is hot and needs to be cooled down

Why do the fuel injectors on a 1989 GM 3.3L Engine keep spraying after key turned off?

check your coolant temperature sensor

Can you help diagnosing 1996 Toyota RAV4 engine misfiring above 3000 rpm?

ive run into this a few times every time it turned out to be the crank sensor. usually coolant drips on it from a leaky water pump and ruins it.Need more info to help. - Ravman

How do you turn off the check engine light on 2003 Toyota Tacoma?

Repair the problem that turned it on and then clear the code with an OBD2 scanner/code reader

1998 GTP quits after engine warms replaced fuel pump resistor with no effect no codes before or after?

Fixed it - Turned out to be a bad MAF sensor.

Toyota 4 runner 1990 harmonic balancer bolt turn?

The harmonic balancer on a 1990 Toyota 4 Runner is turned clockwise to loosen it. This is backwards from most bolts to prevent it from being loosened by the rotation of the engine.

Why does the engine fan stay on all the time on your 1995 Buick LeSabre?

Also, consider whether or not you have the AC turned on. Probably either the relay sticking or a bad (or unplugged) engine coolant temperature sensor.

Why a good shape 5.0L engine in a 89 c vic idle RPM rev up and down in short cycles when air conditioning is turned on until engine dies?

Throttle positioning sensor

Cooling fan doesnt come on 2002 Honda civic lx?

Check the integrity of the wiring. Determine if the fan motor is burned out. More likely, the sensor has malfunctioned. Unplug the sensor (engine off) - the fan should come on when the ignition is turned on. If it does, the sensor is bad.

What would cause a '99 Toyota Camry engine light to stay on after you had replaced and oxygen sensor in Bank 1 sensor 1 location. Does it need an air flow sensor if it is a '99 Toyota camryV6?

if the code wasnt cleared by either disconnecting the battery or clearing it with a scan tool then it could take awhile. it will turn off eventually. if you just put a sensor in it without proper diagnosis, there is most likely a different problem that turned the light on in the first place, have the computer scanned and diagnose the problem before replacing parts. it will cost less in the long run. the v6 does have an airflow sensor. its called a "mass" airflow sensor. its located in the air cleaner box. (dont replace it unless properly diagnosed!)

Check engine light comes on when key turned on but not coming on once engine is turned on why?

It is not supposed to be on when engine is running unless there is a problem.

What could be the cause 96 SL2 Replaced coolant sensor andFans come on when ac is turned on but will not come otherwise and car overheats Car cools off right away when ac is turned on.No check engine?

Make sure the connector to the Coolant Sensor is not corroded. If so replace with a new connector

What causes a 1982 Toyota Cressida not to want to take gas and die when the gas pedal is pressed?

On my '84 21R engine it turned out to be the coil after much swapping & cussing.

On a 2002 f150 check engine light is on with only 53000 miles?

* It could be a faulty check engine light or a light sensor problem . There's probably not a problem with the engine at all just the faulty sensor light problem most likely. * ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If your check engine light stays on with the engine running , a malfunction with the emission control system has been detected. Have your vehicle scanned for any trouble codes in order to diagnose and repair the problem. ( I had a check engine light come on at 35000 miles - in my case it turned out to be the DPFE sensor )