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What if the you-129f visa is denied can you refile?


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The I-129f is the petition that is filed for an alien fiance' to receive a K-1 fiance' visa. The petiton is usually approved but the K-1 may not be and if it isn't, I'm sure there is an appeal process.

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"Denied without prejudice" means that whoever had a request denied may refile his request. Usually a new request would contain more or different information.

Yes - they will usually write and detail the reason(s) why your visa has been denied

It's technically possible, depending on why you were denied permanent resident status.

You will know if your Schengen visa is denied at the time of your interview. Details of your application are reported to member countries, as they also have a right to refuse a visa. Processing time can range from a few working days to weeks.

The answer to this question cannot be known unleess/until you apply for a visa. Only when your visa is approved or denied will you know.

Sounds like a good call to me.

If for some reason you are stopped by border security, your visitor's visa will not take precedence.

It depends on what the VISA was denied for. Example if your wife has HIV, you wouldn't appeal. Usually you may appeal the case.

Being denied unemployment benefits can be appealed, in which case the decision is reversed, if warranted, or upheld. In the latter case you would have to start over with a new work history to qualify. Refiling with the same work history/information is not the thing to do.

Apply for a visa. It will either be granted or denied.

No, due to a visa issue. Her visa application to legally work in the UK was denied. She took the cash prize instead.

FCUK YES!!! ., and chances are that it would be denied.... it would not be denied if you will present the required documents, kindly consult with Chinese embassy in islamabad, Pakistan for required documents as per your required visa category.

No. The visa itself is granted/denied OVERSEAS in the country in which your fiance(e) resides.

If your spouse has committed a crime in their home counrty there is a good chance they will be denied a green card or any extended stay visa, however I do believe they are allowed to get a shot-term tourist visa. There are a few other stipulations that might prevent the issue of a green card for a spouse. Check out for more detailed info.

Only if the acting judge dismisses "without Prejudice" You can usually refile

Business visas are important for international travelers. Before applying for a business visa, it is important for the traveler to ensure that the documentation is right. The requirements for a business visa may vary from that of a holiday visa. In order to avoid being denied a business visa, it is advisable to use the services of a visa expert. There are companies that assist people in getting different kinds of visas. Such companies are easily accessible on the web.

Anytime you have to refile for unemployment they always hold back 1 or 2 weeks.

I6 would be highly surprising if a visa was denied for this. You woill have to go to the US Embassy in person before travel though and have an interview.

File for a fiance(e) visa for the person and marry her/him once s/he gets the visa and comes to the US. After marrying, file for adjustment of status. And once he/she enters the USA with the fiance/ee visa, you have to marry him/her within 90 days.

Only if its not to keep the person in the US. Anyone feel free to expand.

The same rules apply to denying a Filipino as to anyone else who applies for visa, particularly if one has been convicted of a crime, here or abroad, has resided in the US illegally and so on.

Why let then know? I doubt they would find out, and it is none of their business to know anyway!

The "tourist" visa for US is also referred to as the B-2 visitor visa. For recreation and pleasure or for medical treatment often foreign nationals who wish to enter the United States use it. Careful preparation is required for the process of applying for a B2 visa (visitor visa). It is important to present an error free application the first time, since it becomes very difficult, if not impossible, to successfully obtain a B-2 Visa (visitor visa) once an individual has been previously denied a visa. Errors on the B2 visa application process can make one permanently ineligible to visit the U.S. pursuant to a valid visa.

A Visa Lawyer focuses on issues with obtaining visas for foreigners and their families. The Visa Lawyer helps fight for visas that are unlawfully denied and help get extensions on work visas, including student visas. The lawyer may assist the immigrates with filling out paperwork and informing the immigrates of the laws and policies.

You have to refile for FMLA every time you need to take leave from your company. You need to let your company as soon as possible about your leave.

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