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Depo Provera will not harm or end the pregnancy. There are no reports of increase birth defects or affects of development from children conceived on Depo Provera or whose mothers were unknowingly pregnant when they got Depo Provera. So, if you get pregnant while using Depo Provera, or if you find out you accidentally got a shot while you're already pregnant, you can still decide to continue or terminate the pregnancy without special concerns.

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Pregnancy is not likely if you are using Depo Provera as directed, getting your shots on time. Depo Provera does not cause miscarriage or affect a pregnancy if you accidentally get it while you're pregnant or get pregnant while using it.

if you're getting shots on time, it's not likely you'll get pregnant while using Depo Provera. Bleeding doesn't make a difference in this risk.

It's possible, but unlikely, to get pregnant on Depo Provera. After stopping Depo Provera, you can get pregnant before your next period starts.

Depo Provera is birth control meant to prevent pregnancy, and is of no use to a pregnant woman.

Depo Provera is meant to prevent pregnancy, and is of no use to a woman who is pregnant. You can start when you're not pregnant any longer,.

There is no special strategy, medication, or therapy to get pregnant faster after stopping Depo Provera.

Depo-Provera is very effective birth control method, chances of getting pregnant while using Depo is very, very small. Geritol is a brand of vitamins that will not effect your chances of getting pregnant.

You can start Depo Provera at any time in your cycle as long as you're not pregnant.

There are no special risks in getting pregnant after stopping depo provera. There is no need to wait to conceive.

Yes, you can get pregnant if you get Depo Provera four weeks late.

It is possible, but not likely, to get pregnant while on Depo Provera. If you are getting your shots on time, you are well protected.

Depo provera is birth control, meant to prevent pregnancy. It is of no use to a pregnant woman.

Yes, you can get a hysterectomy while Depo Provera is still in effect.

There are no special concerns with gettting pregnant while on Depo Provera or immediately after stopping depo Provera. It does not increase the risk of birth defects or other problems.

Pregnancy on Depo Provera is not likely, but you can get pregnant before you have a period after stopping Depo Provera. Most accidental pregnancies with Depo happen because the patient is late for her next injection, so be sure to keep on schedule and to have a backup method and emergency contraception on hand.

There is no danger to the pregnancy if a women uses Depo Provera while pregnant. No punishment is necessary.

If you're on Depo Provera, pregnancy is unlikely. This is true whether or not you're having bleeding.

Depo Provera will not harm or end the pregnancy.

you can not stop your period it depends on your body and how it interact with the depo

As long as you started the shot on or before the day you were supposed to start your next pack, you have continuous protection while switching from the birth control pill to depo provera.

If you have the implant inserted before your last Depo Provera injection runs out, there is no increased risk of pregnancy while switching from one to the other.

No, Depo Provera is meant to prevent pregnancy. If you're pregnant, it's because the sperm and egg met. Depo Provera does not affect the accuracy of a pregnancy test, so if you have a positive test, you are pregnant.

Nothing is impossible. But it's not likely.

Brown spotting is common after stopping Depo Provera. It will improve with time.

No, you can take Adderall while using the Depo shot, so long as you have a prescription for them.

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