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Find another dealer. Find out what car dealers don't want you to know at ^^ are good advices. The good thing about having the internet today is that information is very accessible. You can browse cars classifieds and research about a car before going to car dealers to have a knowledge or background about that car. You can get a car pricing and car value by searching it in the internet.

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Q: What if you suspect the dealer lied about the car?
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Can you return a car to the dealer if they lied to you about being a cosigner and you are the co-owner?

No. You should have paid more attention to what you were signing.

How do you get a replacement key for a Suzuki 2007 SL7?

I would suspect that the dealer is the only one that can set the diodes to match the car.

If you trade in a car to a dealer and they later find a mechanical problem can they come back to you?

Not unless you knew about the problem and lied to them. Otherwise they took the car in on trade, "As Is" and can't hold you responsible.

The dealer lied to you and you want to return the used car after two weeks?

The cooling off period or buyer's remorse law only applies to unsolicited sales, and not to vehicles, so you cannot simply return it, unless the dealer agrees. However if he lied you may have a legal case against him. I would talk to the selling dealer and demand a refund if he indeed lied. If he refuses, tell him you will see him in court, and see what happens. He may back down and he may not. You may in the end have to sue.

Can a car dealership repossess a car if they lied to you about issues with it?

Yes. Repossession is about you not paying the bills - nothing else. The fact that the dealer wasn't honest with you doesn't give you the right to be dishonest with him. If you discover a hidden flaw in the car you must first give the dealer the chance to set things right. If the dealer can't fix it you can ask for (most of) your money back, or another car. But holding back paying isn't an option.

If an as-is used car died a day after purchase and the dealer lied on safety check?

If you can prove fraud or that the dealer lied about the condition of the vehicle you may have a case. It cannot be just your word against his. You must have solid proof. The term "As Is" means exactly what is says. You bought the car as it is. Take the car to an expert technician and have them document in writing that the dealer was aware of the safety defect, and this will help your case. Rarely can you win this type case, unless you have solid proof. In the future take a car you are considering to a trusted mechanic and pay him to go over the vehicle to see if it has problems. That is money well spent. If you had done that with this car you would not be where you are now.

If the car dealer lies to you?

can a car dealer promise to make repairs and not do it

Can you buy a car from a dealer and resell to another dealer?

yes you can. a vehicle can go to any car dealer. no restrictions

How do you get a wholesale car dealer's license in NJ?

How do you get a wholesale car dealer's license in NJ?

How do you get a car dealer license in Philadelphia Pennsylvania?

How to get a car dealer lisence in philadelphia pa

What does part exchange mean in car dealer ship?

It means that the dealer might accept your car as a part of payment but of course the dealer and you have to agree on a price for your car.

Your new car was dented by the dealer when taken in to get an alarm installed 2 days after factory purchas. Can you get a new car exchange if the dealer put a dent in your car?

If a dealer dented your new car, you are not eligible for a new car. The dealer is responsible for fixing the dent only.

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