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It probably indicates that both your other brake lights are burned out and need replacing. BTW: It is illegal in most (if not all) jurisdictions to drive this way.

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Q: What if your third brake light is the only brake light working?
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Why is third brake light the only one working on a 2007 landrover lr3?

There are a few reasons that the third brake light is the only one working. One reason could be that there is a short in the wires of your main brake light. Another reason is that the light bulb has blown out.

2002 Dodge Durango only third brake light works?

I would guess that both of your brake light bulbs are burned out, and only the high mount bulbs are still working.

If a 1991 Nissan brake light inside the car comes on but turns off after 20 plus minutes do you need new brakes or brake light sensor?

The brake light, a red light shaped like a headlight on the dash means that one or more exterior lights are not working. It could be a taillight, brake light, side marker, license plate light, or third brake light. It stays on all the time if it's a side marker or any light besides the brake light. If it's the brake or third brake light it will come on only when you press the brake pedal.

93 Seville sts why is only half of trunk brake light working?

My 1993 seville, only the right half of the truck brake light works, how do I repair it ? Thank you Bruce

What if third brake light is only one not working?

Then you figure out why and repair it accordingly. Check the bulb. If that checks out, take a test light and see if you have power to it when the brake pedal is depressed. If you don't, then you probably have a wiring fault somewhere between where the wiring for the CHMSL splits off from the wiring for the other brake lights and the CHMSL itself.

How can you get a Ford Windstar shifter out of park?

You are supposed to only have to press the brake pedal. Evidentally your brake lights aren't working. You probably need to see if the brake light switch is bad.

How to remove the rear tail light on the Hyundai elentra 2002 to change the brake light - is it possible to change the brake light only as the side indicator light is working?

Remove the 3 nuts from behind the light housing in the trunk. Gently work housing free. You only need to change the bulbs that are dead.

How does it change rear window brake light on a 2004 Chrysler concorde?

I just replaced a blown third brake light bulb today. ... I have about 60k on my M and havent yet had to change the brake light---so if it only has to be done once in the ... If memory serves, the Concorde's is in the rear window. ... Well I decided to mod my 2004 300Mspecial Third Brake lights, not with a bulb ...

On a 2000 Venture only the third brake light works What if the fuse bulbs and brake light switch are good what should you check?

If you have the 3rd light working, then you already have a brake signal going to the back of your van. This eliminates the fuse & switch. I would check the bulbs again. I've seen bad bulbs that looked good. make sure the bulbs are correct for the vehicle.. make sure they are installed correctly.

How to replace the third brake light on 1996 Chrysler sebring convertable?

I assume you only need to change the bulbs. Go into the trunk and look up. You should see the wires leading to the mounting point for the third brake light, you candisconnect the connectors and then change the bulbs this way.

1999 Chevy Venture no brake lights Third brake light works you have changed bulbs and brake switch.?

Part of Brake Light System NonfunctionalThe fact that the "third" brake light does work tells us that the much of the brake light system is good and thus working. This tells us the fuse is good, the brake light switch is working, and that the wiring to the 3rd light is good.The fact that the 3rd light works and the brake lights at the rear don't work tells us that the specific defect causing your problem is located somewhere BETWEEN where the wires for 3rd light split off from the main harness, and split/fork for the rear brake light assemblies.Although I'm not familiar with your vehicle, that year most, if not all, vehicle brake light systems had the main harness go to one of the rear tail light/brake light assemblies, and then "split" off with the harness continuing to the other tail-brake light.That suggests that the OPEN CIRCUIT condition [your defect] is located in that section of the circuit between where the 3rd light wires split off from the harness, and where the harness splits for the two rear tail-brake light assemblies.We're only talking about roughly 5 to 8 feet of wire/harness here, and that's where to look for something like a disconnected or "loose" connector plug, or a cut wire.

Can you tap a wire into the left brake light wire and run the new wire under the car and tap into the right brake light wire to make the right brake light work?

Yes I actually did it yesterday on my land rover I could not get my tail light to come on only my brake light. Use a decent wire like one side of a good speaker wire will do it's what I used. Tie it into the "hot" or positive wire of a working light into the positive of the non working. Make sure the lights you are tieing together do the same job i.e. Q brake light to a brake light. If that doesn't work check your ground. Also this only helps if the wiring is bad that is sending the light the signal if the fixture is bad you will have to replace it.

Is there a bulb in the third brake light or a fuse that maybe blown this question is or the 202 gmc envoy?

the fuse should be for all brake lights and tail lights if only one is out its a bulb

Why does the brake light not light up on 1997 Quest when you turn on the light but it light when you brake?

Brake lights only come on when you press the pedal. The brake light is either a different bulb or filament in a dual-filament bulb than the tail light.

What do you if the brake lights on your 96 Cherokee do not come on when pressing the pedal only the center window brake light and you don't have your owners manual and don't know which fuse to change?

I would check the bulbs in the tail lights first. Your Brake switch is working ,because of the third brake light is coming on.Ususally all the brake lights are on the same fuse.... Thanks DomAnswerCenter window light is on a separate circuit. Manufacturers did that so you don't lose all the brake lights at once. Check connections at brake switch and fuses. If ok look for broken wire in harness...............good luck, Mike

Brake lights don't work when the brake is pushed. Work with headlights on only.?

The brake lights and the tail lights are separate circuits. Check the brake light fuse, then check the brake light bulbs, then check the brake light switch.

Why Does Parking Brake Light stay on 2001 Chev Tahoe when brake is released?

The brake light on most vehicles is not only an indicator that the parking brake is on, but that there is a problem with the system.

What if only one brake light works AND THERE IS NO POWER TO THE BULB?

In that case, start tracking back. The turn signal switch pulls the brake light out of circuit when the signal is operating. If the switch fails, the one or both stoplights can stop working.

Why is only the drivers side rear cluster of lights not working except for brake light and reverse light?

Did you check the bulbs to make sure that they're not burned out? Brake/tail light bulbs usually have two lamps built into a single glass bulb. Maybe half of it is burned out.

When push on brake Brake light do not come on altogether at once only 3 out of 4?

Check the bulb- it is probably double filamented with smaller for brake light and larger for tailight

Why you should not reinstall a brake light switch on a 01 dodge ram 1500?

Some brake light switches are only adjustable once.

Turn signals and hazard lights don't work on 1996 E150 van?

If the Third brake light is the only one working , it sounds like the multi function switch...aka turn signal switch...Just had the same problem with my 98 cargo van..

Why is the brake light coming on in a 2007 Chrysler Sebring it has abs brakes?

If only the red brake light is coming on, the parking brake is on or the brake fluid is low. If the yellow abs light is also on, the abs computer has detected a malfunction and set a code.

What causes only one brake light to stay on even after the the brake pedal has been released?

because it does

Can 99 Chevy lumina third brake light works but 2 bottom brake lights only work if you wiggle turn signal lever?

it is the turn signal stalk. here is a good writup for repair.