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What is Barack Obama's religion?


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Barack Obama is a Christian. Rumors that he is or was a Muslim are false, and have been debunked by many fact-checking websites. President Obama was born to a mother who was not religious at all (although he writes that she was very spiritual) and to a father who was originally a Muslim but had not practiced that faith in decades. He was mainly raised by his grandparents, who were both mainstream Protestant Christians. The President went through a period of being uninterested in religion earlier in his life, but when he started dating Michelle and they discussed marriage and children, he decided it would be important to have a religion, and he decided upon Protestant Christianity. In Chicago, he and his wife attended the Trinity United Church of Christ where they were married. Since he has been president, he and his family have attended churches of several denominations; their preference has been an Episcopalian church which is located near the White House.
He was raised Muslim and now professes to be a Christian.


It's a myth he was raised a Muslim. He himself says he was raised in a non-religious household. He IS a Christian. He was baptised in 1988.


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