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What is Bush IQ?

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i think -12You give him too much credit.

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How high did George Bush get on an IQ test?

George .W Bush scored 125, i have no idea about IQ tests but this si the result.

What was George Bushes IQ?

i don't think bush would post his IQ on the internet

What is Kate Bush' IQ?


What president had the lowest IQ?

George W. Bush

What is George W. Bush you IQ?


What the Bush IQ?

Statistically, ninety-nine, possibly higher.

What is George Bush IQ?

i heard that it was 98. i bet its like 2

What is president Bush's IQ score?

The IQ's of either George Herbert Walker Bush or George Walker Bush are not public information.

How much IQ score does George W Bush have?

more than the mythed 98!

Who has an IQ of 40?

Bush Jessica Simpson Ann Coulter Ronald Regan To name a few

Is 134 IQ really smart or just above average?

The normal IQ is 100 so it means that people with 134 IQ are above average. I also have a 134 IQ and i say that your above average because smart people like Stephan Hawkings and Albert Einsrein only have an IQ of 160 but our president George Bush(with all the stupid things he's doing) has and IQ of 129. So, your a little smarted than George Bush but on the other hand, alittle less smart than some of the smartest people of all time......think about it

What is IQ of Indra gandhi?

Most politician's average around slightly above average intelligence. I don't know, but I would venture a guess around 115-130. (George Washington was estimated to have an IQ around 120). Leaders don't have to be geniuses to lead. Our young President Bush is considered only barely average to somewhat smart. Depends who you ask. Here is an interesting site http:/

What is president G W Bush's IQ?

The previous answer of 91 was complete BS by a pathetic ultra lefty living in fantasyland. While there are no actual IQ records for George Bush, it is an established fact that SAT scores correlate into an IQ. (at least they did until recent changes in the SAT) And based on George W. Bush's SAT scores, his IQ is around 128.

What is a hamsters IQ?

Hamsters have a fairly low IQ, because in the wild all they need to do is eat, sleep, make a nest, burrow, have babies, etc. the intelligence of a hamster is equal to or slightly higher than George W Bush.

If my full scale iq is 77, my memory IQ is 83, my verbal IQ is 9, And myspatial IQ is 102 What is my IQ?

Sorry verbal iQ is 96. not 9

What is George Bush's IQ?

Bush has never taken a standardized IQ test, which makes it difficult to answer that question, but given his academic performances and SAT score, it is estimated to be somewhere between 115-125, which is considered in the "above average" range, making him relatively bright.

What is an IQ and how is it IQ measrued?

Your IQ is your intelligence quotient. You can determine your IQ by taking a certain test. :)

What is the highest IQ in the world?

The highest IQ in the world is JT's IQ it's a 350 IQ.

What is pres bush IQ?

lol, well one of the adds that ironically came up right underneath this question said 119 but I doubt if it's accurate

What is iq-?

A IQ is how smart a person is. You can take a IQ test online.

What was your iQ?

my IQ is 169

Is 105 a good IQ score for a forty year old female?

It's an average IQ. It's an average IQ. It's an average IQ. It's an average IQ. It's an average IQ.

What is george bush jr's IQ?

Using a combination of George's SAT scores, Air Force ASVAB scores, and others, his IQ calculates out at a high 118. Believe, me, you cannot become an Air Force pilot, like George was, without being pretty darned smart.

What is the average IQ of a preteen?

IQ is not about the age. The average IQ for EVERYONE is 100. But when you take an IQ test, they ask your age.

What is a cat's IQ?

it has 129 IQ