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El Chupacabra A "mythical" animal from the US Southwest, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. It supposedly sucks the blood from its victims rather than eating the flesh. The Chupacabra is said to be a mysterious creature that sucks the life out of small animals. It was not known to attack larger animals,(eg bulls, cows, horses) but only the smaller ones. El Chupacabra is Spanish for thegoat sucker. Many believers in the legends ascribe mystical or supernatural attributes to the chupacabra.

El Chupacabra is a cryptid that originated in Mexico. In Spanish "El Chupacabra" means "Goat Sucker." It allegedly sucked the blood out of goats, leaving only skin and bones, and a 3-pronged puncture wound. The reports also came from a suburb in Chile where a growling creature jumped through a child's window and killed him, and tried to carry away the body. When the police arrived, they found that the child had a 3-pronged wound on his neck and slash wounds. The creature reportedly left a trail of some sort of slime. The Chupacabra continues to be suggested in reports of unexplained animal deaths.

A Different Chupacabra

A similar creature was seen in Yardley, Pennsylvania. Known as the Yardley Yeti, it has been sighted over 50 times since 2006. Some suspect it is a fox, jackal, or other canine.

It looks like a giant wolf monster.

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Q: What is El Chupacabra?
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What does el chupacabra eat?

El chupacabra is spanish. It translates to "Goat Eater". El Chupacabra translates to "Goat Sucker". Not Goat Eater!

Where is el Chupacabra found?

The Chupacabra is found in Puerto Rico. It sucks the blood of goats. El Chupacabra means 'the goat sucker'.

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What does El dia del chupacabra esta cerca mean?

"El dia del chupacabra esta cerca" translates into English as "The day of the chupacabra is near."

Where does El chupacabra live?

The El Chupacabra used to live in Mexico, but it is heard that is managed to cross the border to the U.S

Is El Chupacabra real?


What does the chupacabra wear?

El Chupacabra wears a white tall-T and Denim jeans.

What does the el chupacabra eat?


ARE U El Chupacabra?

Not to my knowledge.

Is the chupacabra a male or female?

the el chupacabra is not known as male or female but my guess would be a male

What is the famous animal in mexico?

El chupacabra

Is it EL or La chupacabra?

It is La Chupacabra because the spanish article gender must agree with the word that it is talkind about.

El Chupacabra the drink is from which country?

Mexico Mexico

From which country does el chupacabra originate from?

mexico, I think

Do big foots eat chickens?

No, but El Chupacabra does!

Who does the el chupacabra effect?

Th el Chupacabra is a mythical creature that is claimed to suck the blood from livestock. It is said to be found in Puerto Rico, Mexico and southern parts of North America.

How do you get proof of the chupacabara?

Take a picture or a video of El Chupacabra!

What kind of species is El Chupa Cabra?

El Chupacabra is a mythical creature, it is not of any defined species. The name, translated from Spanish to English, literally means "goat sucker" since El Chupacabra is most famous for attacking and drinking the blood of livestock. Source/More information:

In which country did the drink called El Chupacabra originate?

It originated in Mexico.

What is A drink that means goat sucker in its original language?

El Chupacabra

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