What is European Cargo Shipment Inc?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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I believe it is a false website designed for scam.

I've been exchanging email with a guy selling a car well below the market's price! He says he is in Another Country and if i pay a fee, he can send the car for me to see, using that "company".

First, the fact that he is in another country is indicatory of a scam; second, the price is too low considering the actual market; third, he says i have to pay a fee to see if I'm a "serious person"; fourth, the "company's" site is very poorly designed and it has several orthographical errors inqualifiable for an international company!

Investigating the site, I've tried to "track" expeditions using a random number. I was redirectioned to a 404 error page. It means that the individual that made the site didn't even consider in handling errors...

At last, through a Google search, I've found "European Cargo Service Inc." mentioned in "" list. Check


The current website (as of 28/02/2008) is, not a very professional name, i should mention...

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Q: What is European Cargo Shipment Inc?
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What are Signs that a cargo shipment has been tampered with include?

exposed wires and leaks

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