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Historically, there have been many uses of the term liberal. Four popular conceptions include: philosophical liberal, originating during the Enlightenment period with philosophers such as Hobbes, Locke, and Hume, who supported the fundamental freedom of human beings and legitimacy of government stemming from consent of the governed;economic (classical) liberal, originating during the 19th century, which fought government interference in the economy, supported free trade, and created open enterprise;liberal in political position, originating from the French Revolution, where being 'left' of the current political climate made one liberal, regardless of what system existed (e.g.) one could exist in a communist system, support more radical communism, and be considered a liberal);social liberal (modern US understanding), originating after the Second World War, where many philosophical and economic liberals supported welfare reform and more socially equitable wealth distributions. In Britain and Canada, they are usually called 'social liberals' to distinguish them but, in the US, where socialism and communism have become stigmatised, many refer to anyone who supports higher social equality of wealth a liberal. Technically, social liberals support capitalism with some degree of government intervention and, therefore, are neither communist nor socialist.

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Q: What is Liberalism?
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Classical Liberalism Is A Type Of Liberalism. Liberalism Goes Into Classical Liberalism & Neo-Liberalism. There Different Because Of How They Believe In The Economy.Classical Liberalism - Welfare, Higher Taxes To Rich, Universal Healthcare, Etc.Neo-Liberalism - Free Market Capitalism, Corporate Healthcare, Equal/Lower Taxes To Rich, Etc.So Classical Liberalism Believes The Government Should Help/Control The Economy But Neo-Liberalism Believes In A Free Market Economy.

What is classical liberalism and modern liberalism?

Classical Liberalism: A tradition within liberalism that seeks to maximize the realm of unconstrained individual action, typically by establishing a minimal state and a reliance on market economics. Modern Liberalism: A tradition within liberalism that provides (in contrast to classical liberalism) a qualified endorsement for social and economic intervention as a means of prompting personal development

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How is communism opposed to liberalism?

Liberalism is more focused on the needs of the one whereas communism is focused on the needs of the many.

Classical liberalism vs neoliberalism?

They're the same thing, even though some left wing people tend to claim the two are slightly incompatible. Classical Liberalism follows the works of John Locke, Adam Smith et al. Neo-Liberalism follows the works of Hayek, von Mises, Friedman et al. Neo-Liberalism is essentially the modern Classical Liberalism.