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Stalingrad is the name of a city in Russia, which used to be called Tsaritsyn from 1589 to 1925 when the name was changed to Stalingrad. Now it is called Volgograd because of its location on the Volga River. Stalingrad was laid siege to during World War Two by the Germans, which means that no supplies were allowed into the city. The siege lasted over 800 days. Most of the population of the city died, but the city never fell. Over 1,200,000 Russians died at Stalingrad. And each man had a life expectancy of 24 hours, IF they were able to cross the Volga River.


The Russians launched an attack that surrounded and cut-off the German VI Army. The Germans held out with supplies and re-inforcements brought in by air. Eventually the German VI Army surrendered and Stalingrad remained in Russian control.

The Russians defended the city because it was named after their Dictator.

Stalingrad is now called Volgograd. St Petersburg was not called Stalingrad, but was for a short time named Leningrad.


Stalingrad, now Volgograd, is a city situated in Russia on the Volga river. It's well-known for the battle that took place there from 1942-43.

In early 1942, the Germans were pushing forward through the southern areas of the Eastern Front. The Russians, too weak to fight up front at this point in this region, had been performing tactical retreats. Quickly the German advance arrived at the city of Stalingrad on the Volga river. Fighting in the ruined urban landscape bogged down. Germans struggled to push deeper into the city while Russia gathered what forces it could spare from the fight in the city. On 11/19, a massive encirclement operation was launched by the USSR, successfully trapping the German sixth army. German attempts to break through the Soviet encirclement and send supplies by air to the sixth army all failed. By 2/3/1943, the sixth army had surrendered and the USSR effectively won the battle. Estimates for casualties are unreliable but it is thought that each side suffered in the neighborhood of 500,000 KIA and enormous amounts of other casualties. Stalingrad is generally considered the bloodiest battle in history.


This was an unimportant city, Hitler though hated Stalin so much that he diverted all of 7th army to take it, this was half of the force sent to take the oil fields down south. The Russians fortified the city and lost most of it except for a few key strong holds on the city side of the Volger, the Russians resupplies there troops by holding these positions. German Genarl Von Manshtin was in charge of the occupation and when he was surrounded and wanted to break through to the German side Hitler refused and said the Luftwaffa (the German air force) would supply them from the air. They did not reserve enough supplies so they had to surrender.

Casualties of Russia in Stalingrad (1,200,000) Russian KIA and over (300,000) Germans KIA or MIA, (90,000) SURRENDERED and less than 4000 Germans in Russian captivity ever returned home. Within one year and 11 months, the Russians had crossed the Odor River, Berlin's defenses mounted over 45,000 Germans, mostly recruits of old and too young to fight the Russians. But the German defence of Berlin was beyond all question. The revenge of Stalingrad was taken out on the defenceless civilians and surrendering soldiers of Germany, 300 German citizens committed suicide within weeks of the Russian noose, and over 93,000 German Women were raped and killed. No surrender, no retreat for Germans, kill or be killed...


Stalingrad's definition is also a city put under the USSR leader himself Joseph Stalin. (Stalin means man of steel) or (leader) therefore Stalingrad means

(Stalin) as in Joseph Stalin, and (grad) or (Город) which is the Russian word for city. So (The leader's city) pretty much! or Stalin's City
The Battle of Stalingrad started on Sunday 23rd August 1942.

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the battle of Stalingrad took place in Stalingrad, Russia

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The Americans took Stalingrad? The Americans were never anywhere near Stalingrad and the Battle of Stalingrad was won by the Soviet Union.

How were the civilians in Stalingrad affected by the Battle of Stalingrad?

Badly, 40,000 civilians died during the Battle of Stalingrad.

Where in Russia did the Battle of Stalingrad take place?


Is it Battle for Stalingrad or Battle of Stalingrad?

Battle of Stalingrad, but it was more of a siege because the battle lasted a few months.

What river is Stalingrad on?

The city of Stalingrad straddles the Volga river

What is the new name of Stalingrad?

Volgograd is the new name of Stalingrad

Stalingrad what is it called now?

Stalingrad is now called Volgograd,

Was Stalingrad a part of the soviet Union?

Yes. Stalingrad was a City.

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It was fought in Stalingrad, but now renamed Volgograd.

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The Battle of Stalingrad was in Russia .

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The Battle of Stalingrad was fought at Stalingrad, Soviet Union (Today it's known as Russia or Russian Federation.

Result of Stalingrad?

Th battle of Stalingrad was a military and psychological victory for the Russians .

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Stalingrad was renamed to Volgograd in the early 1960's

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