What is Switzerland?

Switzerland, federal republic in west central Europe. Switzerland is a small, landlocked country set amid mountainous terrain in the heart of the European continent. It is bordered on the west by France, on the north by Germany, on the east by Austria, and on the south by Italy. The tiny principality of Liechtenstein lies between Switzerland and Austria. Switzerland is in Europe next to France, Italy and Lichtenstein. It has the beautiful Alps and the languages are German, French, Italian and Reto Romanish. Lake Geneva is a beautiful place to have a family picnick watching ducks eat bread. I live in de Schweiz and I am from there. Traveling to Switzerland may cost more than visiting other countries like Germany or France, expensive but worth it. I would not recommend going there right now,:( it is un-safe because of the terrorists, it is unclear if the situation will get better but when it does I would love to go back:)