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Barack Hussein Obama, II was born in 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii to Ann Dunham Obama and Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. His mother was an American citizen from Kansas and his father was a Kenyan citizen from Africa who met in college in Hawaii and married. Barack was their only child. His parents divorced when he was still very young. His mother then wed his step father (Soetoro) who was Indonesian and another student she met at University. The new family moved to Jakarta for a few years. The schools were not keeping young Barack Obama challenged and so his mother sent him back to Hawaii to live with her parents so he could get a better education in the US. He has 7 living half-siblings and one half brother who is deceased. All, except one, are male and are children of his father's with different mothers (whom he never knew when growing up). He did live briefly with his only half sister, Maya Soetoro, his mother's daughter by her second husband, born when they lived in Indonesia.

He lived in Hawaii with his grandparents, Stanley and Madelyn Dunham, from the age of 10 until he left for college in California after high school graduation. He played basketball on his high school team, where he was known as Barry. He switched to Columbia College in NY where he received his bachelors' degree. After that he entered law school at Harvard where he graduated with honors and was elected President of the Harvard Law Review (a very prestigious position).

With his law degree, he worked at the same law firm in Chicago as Michelle, also an attorney, whom he later married. They have had two daughters, Malia and Sasha. He taught Constitutional Law at the University of Chicago until he decided to enter politics and ran for and won a seat in the Illinois Senate. He later was elected the US Senator for Illinois, which was his position immediately prior to his election to the office of POTUS in 2008. He was sworn into the office of US president in January 2009.

Shortly after becoming president, in October 2009, he received word that he had been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his improvement of the strained international relationships between the US and other countries of the world early in his presidency.

He is currently campaigning for a second term in office in the 2012 election.