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When you put electricity (current) down a wire, the wire will have a magnetic field around it. Conversely, if you move a wire through a magnetic field, a small current (electricity) is created in the wire. The more wires you use and/or the greater the strength of the magnetic field, the greater the effect becomes. These two inverse principles are the basis for electric motors, generators, alternators, and even things like the solenoid inside of a relay. If you have one item (movement or electricity), you can convert it into the other. Also tied in here is the fact that magnets repel and attract each other - that's part of how you make an electric motor move. You can use more turns of wire (windings) to generate a stronger effect. This is a simple explanation. Cars today use Alternators and no longer use Generators. The Alternator keeps the battery charged.

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Q: What is a car gernerator and what does it do?
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