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What is a good surprise for a man?

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βˆ™ 2007-06-28 21:34:48

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well first you find out what he likes and then what he wants.

2007-06-28 21:34:48
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What is the opposite of scare?

surprise. surprise-good feelings, scare-bad feelings

What color represents surprise?

a good surprise or a bad surprise? for a good surprise, i suggest using warm but extravagant colors that pop out, like red, green, yellow and orange for the bad surprise it may show shock so, brown, blue, purple, and also green

What is a good surprise for your friend turning 13 ie baby photos or surprise party?

A surprise party--that was one of my suggestions. i wanted others.

What are good ideas for a surprise birthday party?

take them somewhere then when they go where the surprise party is held have friends and family scream surprise! after take them somewhere fun! remember to keep it a surprise! :)

How do you use the word surprise in a sentence?

I can give you several sentences."Surprise!" the party guests yelled.Seeing you on my doorstep is such a wonderful surprise.I had a real surprise when I saw that fat man dressed in red up on my roof.I wanted to give her a really nice surprise for her birthday.

Who sang the song with the lyrics It ain't no surprise that you turn around and leave it ain't no surprise that that bitch is leaving me?

Theory of a Dead Man

How do you use surprise in a sentence?

Surprise can be a noun or verb, and as a noun, it can act as an adjective. Examples: Noun: Darren's resignation was a surprise to almost everyone. Verb: I wanted to surprise you with the good news. Noun acting as an adjective: My brother paid me a surprise visit.

What are the release dates for Our Man Higgins - 1962 Surprise Party 1-4?

Our Man Higgins - 1962 Surprise Party 1-4 was released on: USA: 24 October 1962

Sentence for contrite?

The man was contrite after he accidentally spoiled the surprise party for his friend.

What is an example sentence for impulse?

The man had an impulse to buy flowers for his wife to surprise her.

What are some good shownames for my horse Surprise?

I'm not the best with shownames, but here I go! 1. My Surprise 2. Not A surprise 3. Extravaganza 4. Steal The Show I know.. not the best..... tell me what you choose!!

What is a good sentence for the word feign?

She knew about her surprise birthday party but didn't want to hurt her friend's feelings so she feigned surprise

What is a really good way to surprise somebody on their birthday?

Ice Cream?

What is a good name for a science fair project on apples?

juicy surprise

What are the release dates for Good Eats - 1999 Tuna Surprise 12-3?

Good Eats - 1999 Tuna Surprise 12-3 was released on: USA: 7 July 2008

What are the release dates for Little Bill - 1999 The Surprise Good Ol' Lightnin'?

Little Bill - 1999 The Surprise Good Ol' Lightnin' was released on: USA: 7 February 2003

What are the qualities of a good man?

The Qualities Of A Good Man.... * A good man is one who is kind and compassionate. * A good man is honest and hard working. A good man will tell you the truth. * A good man has self control and is respectful when he speaks to any women. * A good man is willing to be corrected or counseled by you. * A good man is faithful and reliable, he is able to forgive you when you do wrong. * A good man is humble, generous and is a peacemaker as well. * A good man knows how to control his temper and has concerns for others. * A good man stays confident of himself. * A good man fears God and is obedient to his word. * A good man is not a jealous man. * A good man always has a positive outlook on life...

What does OPA mean in conversation in Brazilian?

It is a positive expression of something good,well done,a good surprise.

How can you make a man excited over the phone?

Tell him that you have a present for him or a surprise that always makes me exited!

What is the duration of Surprise Surprise Gotcha?

The duration of Surprise Surprise Gotcha is 3600.0 seconds.

What are some good websites to watch tv shows no?

TV DOME! AMAAAZING! and it actually works, surprise surprise 8-) like 4 PC or mac!

What is a good idea for a girl to do for her birthday?

How's a surprise party? They could meet at your house and surprise the birthday girl. After that, they can go to the birthday girl's favorite place

How do you spell surprise in English?

It is spelled "Surprise" or "surprise."

What's a good idea for a new homes surprise?

The best kind of surprise to add to a new home is a type of minor remodeling. Make sure you add something that increases the added value so that the client is pleased with the surprise.

Whats a good idea from a restaurant for a surprise party for teachers?

Chevys is acceptable.