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What is a good thing to say on stardoll?

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Answered 2008-05-24 14:48:24

there is make LOADS of email accounts and then click on the invite friends button and every friend you invite you will get 5 stardollars !

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How do you say stardoll in french?


Is stardoll a dangerous site?

no but can be not good for small children i say 7 or 8 +

Where is the cinema on stardoll?

go on the stardoll magazine and scroll down and it should say 'stardoll cinema'

Can you give me a employ code for stardoll?

There's no such thing. You have to be an actual "runner" of stardoll. Like Callie

Does Carrie Underwood have a stardoll?

GOOD LUCK WITH THAT BECAUSE I AM A MEMBER OF STARDOLL!!!!!! Carrie uderwoods stardoll is Hotpinkjonas-from callie.stardoll

What are the clothing on stardoll that give free things?

i just want free thing on stardoll without proxys!!

What is a good website that you can create fashions on?

Stardoll! Polyvore is even an than stardoll

Who is Cat Valentine3 on stardoll?

Cat_Valentine3 on stardoll is Ariana Grande. if you go to her suite and read her ABOUT ME thing you could notice.

What if it doesn't say your user id on stardoll?

It should always say your user id- if not then there may be a glitch in stardoll or you need to reload your page.

How do you play with your baby on stardoll?

The answer is you don't. Your baby on stardoll is just for looking good, not for playing with.

Is stardoll a good game for kids?

yes stardoll is a community site which kids can enjoy!

Who is the best member on stardoll?

Every stardoll member is fantastic! Some are polite, and worth being friends with, some treat stardoll as their world. But personally, taking into consideration that this particular stardoll member helped me into the stardoll world, and the fact that she has loads of clothes, good fashion, and some GREAT clubs, Im going to say that... Miss.Gold1997 Is the best Stardoll member! (Don't forget to check out her new blog: )

Can a 10 year old play stardoll?

yes anyone can play stardoll. some people say that we are to old to be on stardoll but i say there is nothing like too old for something. if you need any more help or any questions add me. my name on stardoll is thaliasookhai12.

How do you get 10000 free starcoins on stardoll for free?

There is no such thing the limit of starcoins in stardoll currency is only 1,00 starcoin and only stardoll can give them to you. Dont try cheats they dont work they only work if stardoll gives them.

Who are the makers of stardoll?

People say it is Callie, but the real makers is just one and it is the creator of all Stardoll.

When your stardoll membership is finished do you get to keep your clothes?

yes... you get to keep every thing! ... i think... add me on stardoll,i'm Siamina :)

Can you see which people voted for you on stardoll?

No you can't actually see who voted for you. For example; say I was a very popular member on Stardoll. There might be a huge list of peoples names if you could see them. Good question though.

How do you make twlight designs on stardoll?

go to the designing thing

Websites like stardoll?

Hiya there,Stardoll is a great website isn't it however there is a website that is just as good as Stardoll called Club Penguin!Try it out it is amazing!Try Girlsense. It's really cool! There is no membership or payment, it's ALL FREE! you create clothes, apply makeup and more. the best thing is, you get to price the clothes you make! it is much better than stardoll!

How do you be the coolest thing on stardoll?

hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i am an expert on stardoll!!!!!!!!!!!to be the COLLEST THING ON STARDOLL u have to be a superstar,if not u can still be COOL!!! get loads of nice clothes,decorate your house,get loads of accessories,make a COOL album,make COOL scenires,get loads of friends,join loads of clubs and send loads of COOL messages to COOL people!!!!!!!!!!if you do all of the steps...YOU WILL BE THE COOLEST THING ON STARDOLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!luv:missFABmarley x x x(for more tips visit my page on stardoll!)

When did Selena sign up in stardoll?

Selena isn't on stardoll trust meh if people say she is or that they are her, they are lying ♥

What is a good thing to say to your older sister English?

the only thing that you can say that means the world. i love you.

Who is most famous on stardoll?

People say its PurniiXD

How do you make a stardoll?

Go onto the stardoll website and then to the right of the screen it will say sign in under that it will say "not a member sign up here" click that and follow the instructions from there on.

How do you say good afternoon in Korean?

there is no such thing as good afternoon in Korean ! If you dont believe me I have 1 thing to say I AM KOREAN! my Korean name? 김해순

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