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It works great I replaced mine and they work like a charm comes with instructions! Respectfully! Randy I just used a piece of fuel line hose and a hose clamp and put it on the little plastic knobby that the lever butts up against when it closes. It is typically the worn gear that causes the issue, but I found that the lever becomes bent also and causes the gear to slip. Decreasing the distance the lever has to travel by placing a small hose piece and a hose clamp on there might fix it as well. It essentially will prevent the gear from disengaging at the end point, where the motor sensor is looking for a specific tension before stopping. If the lever hits the end, but its not tight, it will spin the two gears when they are not meshed together properly. The hose trick worked for me. A lot easier than the pulling the motor, ripping it apart, and gluing it back together. Give that a shot.


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Q: What is a loud humming from car light motor after in lowers down and closes on your 1997 firebird?
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