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What is a normal operating temperature for a 1995 Grand Am with a 4 cylinder DOHL?


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2004-09-21 09:33:15
2004-09-21 09:33:15

Without the a/c on, the fans are turned on at 235 deg. It should not run over about 250 deg. and will only do this with a good functioning cooling system.


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The 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix SE has a normal operating temperature due to the engine. This is usually around 230 degrees.

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Normal temp ranges are from 180 to 192 degrees F. Low temps can indicate an open thermostat, high temps can ruin an engine.

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I not sure what the normal temp is but I had a 94 grand am and it ran around 160 most of the time.

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TheÊ 2004 grand AM SE engine operateÊ efficiently whenÊthe temperature of its coolant isÊ between 200-220 degreesÊ Fahrenheit. At this range, the combustion chamber is hot enough to complete vaporizer the fuel, thus reducing emission.

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