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What is a pen drive?


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A pen drive is another name for a USB flash drive. Other names are Flash drive, USB flash drive, Thumb drive, etc. They are devices that allow storage of computer files that you can remove and take from computer to computer. The price of the drive is determined by the size of its memory measured in megabytes or gigabytes. While 128 megabyte drives used to be considered large, current pen drives sizes can reach 1, 2, 4, or more gigabytes. The drives are inserted in the computers USB ports and are automatically recognized on PC operating systems beyond Windows 98 (which needs a separate installation of drivers). Pen drives can also have full blown applications on them which are written in what is called U3 compatible software.


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Because it is a pen drive.

because the first pen drive was made like a pen

Pen drives are used to store and share files between people or computers. One can simply insert the pen drive into the USB port, save their files to the pen drive, eject the pen drive, and then take the pen drive with them to a different computer. When they insert the pen drive, their files will be saved on the drive and can be accessed on the new computer.

No, it is all stored on the pen drive.

when I plug in my pen drive to the computer and when i unplug the pen drive to the computer , how to know?When i plug in my pen drive it is not showing any signs of any pen...

What. Is. The. Another. Name. Of. Pen. Drive.?

we have close the drive and afterward if it is safe to remove the pen drive

If an individual wants to save a Powerpoint presentation to a pen-drive, the method is simple. Copying the Powerpoint presentation to a pen-drive is similar to copying it to a flash drive. First, the pen-drive needs to be plugged in. Then, the individual clicks on the PowerPoint file and selects "copy". Then, the person may paste it into the files of the pen-drive.

yes, pen-drive is a peripheral device.

There is no difference. Flash drive, pen drive, and thumb drive are all interchangeable terms.

Pua Khein-Seng is the father of pen drive, he developed a storage device and gives name USB Flash drive. USB is the common name of pen drive. You can save data according to the size of pen drive. Pen drives are available in deference range of size such as 2gb, 4gb, 8gb,....1tb.

i cant formate my usb pen to formate my pen drive in dos mode.please help me.

Click the Hard drive, then choose the "pen" drive, a message will show up, click yes, then another message swill appear, click,OK, then remove the "pen" drive

A pen drive has to be safely removed because there might be documents that are opened on the pen drive that might require to be saved on the drive. If you don't safelty remove the drive you might end up blacking the computer out.

if there is another port you can plug the pen drive into, try that. That will elimitate the port as the problem. If you have another computer available, try the pen drive in another computer. If it works, it's not the drive.

transcend pen drive remove write protection in the all pen drive data

memory of the pen drive will decrease... because +8v will pass on the memory cell......

Connect your pen drive when your Word document is open, and click on save as in the file menu. Click on the drop down at the top and select you pen drive and save. Another way is to right click the file of your document and press copy. Then open your pen drive and right click paste. (ctrl + c, open pen drive, ctrl + v).

transfer the data wich u want to transfer in ur pen drive,,,then plug in the pen drive in the PC in wich u want to transfer and then copy the data into the PC...

How many times you can format usp pen drive in its life?

The pen drive is so called because it has the memory that is built in the drive and is similar to the shape of the pen.

what to do while inserting my pen drive into the usb port its showing there is no hardware is detected.

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