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What is a pool-friendly small tree that can be used near an inground pool in Houston Texas?


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2007-09-02 21:39:39
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None! Palms do well in Houston and don't seem to mind the pool. Meyer lemon tree.


Palm trees::: palm fronds, seed pods or numerous fruit drop can be drudgery to clean and can plug the skimmer and pump baskets not to mention getting past the pump basket and plugging the pump impeller. The only way to correct the plugged impeller is to disassemble the pump and manually unclog the impeller veins. Palm trees even within 15 feet of the pool can be a continuous problem during fruit drop season. Consult a trusted nursery near you for trees that do not shed leaves, drop fruit, seeds, attract certain birds, pollen. Also, trees that have to be sprayed for insects ( poison overspray into pool). Certain trees/large shrubs can also produce "fruit/seed pods". Best bet is to limit the proximity of trees, shrubs, plants etc. to the pool area. The less organic materials into and on the water the better for a large amount of reasons.



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