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Q: What is a sudden unexpected variation in a germ cell?
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What is the opposite of a male germ cell?

The opposite of male germ cell is female germ cell.

Does meiosis produce germ cell or somatic cell?

Germ cell.

What kind of cell is a wheat germ cell?

a wheat germ is a germ made from wheat like a pesticide

What is another word for germ cell what is a germ cell called?


What is the medical term meaning germ or sex cell?

A gamete is a germ cell or sex cell

What is another word for germ cell or what is a germ cell called?

A germ cell is another word for a sex cell, either sperm or eggs as well as a pathogen or bacterium

Is a germ a single cell organism?

Yes a germ is a cingle cell organism.

How does the total germ cell potential of the female compare to the male?

The germ cell potential of the female is much smaller than that of the male. The total germ cell potential is predetermined.

What is the opposite of female germ cells?

a male germ cell

What is the difference between germ cell mutations and somatic cell mutations?

Germ cell mutations can be passed on to offspring, somatic cell mutations cannot

What is germ cell mutation?

a mutation in a cell that will produce gametes, or germ cell. This means the mutation will be passed down to the organism's offspring. A somatic cell mutation is a mutation that can occur in all cells besides germ cells.

Are germ cell haploid or diploid?

Germ cells after meiosis are haploid.

How does the cell division in germ cell occur?


What is gametocyte your mom?

germ cell

What is the medical term for germ or sex cell?

Gamete is the medical term for germ or sex cell. It refers to sperm and ova (eggs).

What is another word for sex cell?

a germ cell or gamete

A cell other than a gamete or germ cell body cell?


Location of germ cell and somatic cell in human?

Germ cells are produced and stored in your gonads. Somatic cells are all throughout your body.

Where do germ cell tumors develop?

Germ cell tumors develop in the egg-producing cells of the ovary, and comprise about 5% of ovarian tumors.

Is wheat germ an animal or plant cell?

It's a plant cell.

What is the mature male germ cell?


What is term for reproductive cell?

Germ cells

What are somatic cell and germ cell?

Germ cells are cells that become gametes (are n: have have the genetic material) and somatic cells are all the rest (2n)

What is a pluripotent cell?

A stem cell that can differentiate into any cell (tissue) of the three germ layers.

What is the function of egg germ?

The germ cell is located on top of the yolk and looks like a small white disk. This is barely visible to the naked eye. The egg, or germ cell, when fertilized would turn into an embryo and eventually a chick.