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A territory (from the word 'terra', meaning 'land') is a defined area (including land and waters), considered to be a possession of a person, organization, institution, animal, state or country subdivision.

In the US, a territory was a defined region prior to being further divided and becoming states. Puerto Rico is a still a territory (called a commonwealth), as are American Samoa, Guam, the US Virgin Islands, the Northern Marianas Islands, and eleven other small islands in the Caribbean or Pacific.

In Canada, there are three territories in addition to the ten provinces, which generally have the same functions. They are Yukon, Nunavut, and the Northwest Territories (plural only in name).

In Australia, there are three mainland territories and seven external possessions, in addition to the six states. The Northern Territory is a territory in name only, effectively a state. There is also the Australian Capital Territory in which Canberra, the national capital is located, and the much smaller Jervis Bay Territory. The island of Tasmania is also called a territory.

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In what territory is the Yukon territory?

Yukon Territory is not in a territory, it is a territory.

What are the seven union territories?

Washington territory, Dakota territory, nebraska territory, Nevada territory, Utah territory, Colorado territory,and New Mexico, territory

What was the Washington Territories part in the Civil War?

Dakota Territory, Washington Territory, Indian Territory, Nebraska Territory, Nevada Territory, New Mexico Territory, Utah Territory, and Colorado Territory

Which seven territories fought for the union?

Colorado territory Dakota territory Nebraska territory New Mexico territory Utah territory Washington territory Nevada territory

Explain the importance of the national territory?

the national territory is the territory of the territory of one of your country national territory. as far as i know a country needs a territory to know the other country that this is your territory. to expand your territory you must conquer the other territory for the sake of your territory. that's all i know about the national territory of your territory. TIPQC BATCH 2012-2013 IT12FA1

Is the Northern Territory in Australia a state or territory?

The Northern Territory is a Territory, (Its in the name)

Climate of the Louisiana Territory?

What is the territory of the louisana territory

What is a mainland territory?

a mainland territory is a territory that is not surrounded by water an example of a mainland territory is USA.

Is the Northern Territory a state?

No the northern territory is a territory it even says it in the name Northern Territory

What is the adding of territory to another country?

it is territory+territory=country.

The state capital of the Northern Territory?

The capital of the Northern Territory is Darwin.The Northern Territory is not a state, but a territory.

What are the boundaries of the Louisiana Territory?

inbetween the oregon country, spain territory and illinois territory and mississippi territory.

Is Nunavut a territory or a province?

Nunavut is a Canadian territory, along with the Yukon and Northwest Territories.

In which state or territory is Uluru?

Uluru is in the Australian territory of the Northern Territory.

What territory are the bahaMas?

If the Bahamas are not US territory, then what territory is it?

What is the territory flower of Islamabad Capital Territory?

The Red rose is the unofficial territory flower of the Islamabad Capital Territory.

Is the Yukon Territory and the northwest territory a part of Alaska?

lol :) no. the Yukon territory and the Northwest territory are a part of Canada.

How were the borders of Idaho formed?

Through the break up of the Oregon Territory, Washington Territory, Montana Territory and Wyoming Territory.

Territory in a sentence?

This is how u should use territory: Our enemy has gotten into our territory.

Is Nunavut a territory or province?

Its a territory.

What is territory developtment?

what is territory development???

What is Australia's capital territory?

Australia's Capital Territory is called the Australian Capital Territory. It is the territory where the national capital of Canberra is located.

What is the territory tree of Islamabad Capital Territory?

The unofficial territory tree of Islamabad Capital Territory the is Paper Mulberry (Broussonetia papyrifera).

Which state was once called Virginia Territory Northwest Territory and Indiana Territory?


Was Oklahoma a territory before a state?

Yes, both Indian Territory and Oklahoma Territory.

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