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What is a theodolite?

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May 23, 2014 11:07AM

A theodolite is a Surveyor's measuring instrument that began to

take its present form in the 17th century. In the work, 'The

Surveyor in Foure Books' by Aaron Rathborne (London, 1616) an

elaborate drawing of a theodolite can be seen on the front piece.

These were used as early surveying tools, and were extremely

acurate. Thomas Jefferson used such an instrument during his time

as a surveyor. Later versions are also known as "Dumpy Theodolite",

while 20th century versions use extremely fine optics, or lasers.

The tool in it's present,modern versions is indespensible as a

surveying/mapping tool. Wala lang...Kervin to of BSCE 3-1


Theodolites- pronounced as it is spelled, are surveying instruments

of high precision and accuracy. They are a more sophisticated form

of what is usually called a transit. The Theodolite is always

operated from a tripod and has Base (circular) and Cylindrical

levels on the instrument to keep it level. The name is thought to

derive from the Greek- approximately ( The Eye of God). Modern

engineering, building and bridge construction, etc, even mining,

could not function without the theodolite and the more modern

derivatives using electronic devices and GPS. ( progress in full

swing, as with Cameras and electronic measurement of parameters, as

with modern non-digital Nikons.) By the way Nikon makes

theodolites. One of the best historically and by no means an

obsolete instrument was/is the Wilde-Zeiss theodolite which reached

its present form around l938. a common sight on Gotham building

sites. Their uses are many!

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