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What is an Irish accent referred to as?

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A brogue.

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Do non Irish people find it hard to do Irish accent?

No, i can do a irsh accent and im not Irish

What is the difference between a Scottish accent and an Irish accent?

It's quite simple. One is a Scottish accent and one is an Irish accent.

Terms for Irish accent?

There are many different Irish accents. They are usually just described by the county in Ireland that they are from, so a Limerick accent or a Waterford accent or a Roscommon accent etc.

Do people in northern Ireland have a british accent?

No they have an Irish accent.

What accent do leprechauns have?


Where can you hear an Irish accent?

In Ireland, or anywhere in the world where there are Irish people. Irish people are found all over the world, so there are many places where you could hear an Irish accent.

What is the difference between an Irish accent and a Scottish accent?

See for yourself here: [[]] and [[]]

Term for Irish accent?

a "brogue"

What accent is sandy mcsouthers?


Did Lydia darragh have a British accent?

no, lydia Darragh did not have a british accent. She was Irish.

How do you speak with a southern Irish accent?

That question is impossible to answer. First of all, there are many accents in Ireland, so there is no such thing as a southern Irish accent. There are lots of very different accents in the south of Ireland. Secondly, you cannot in writing explain an accent. You can only have an idea of an accent by hearing it. You would need to hear a genuine Irish accent, not something in a movie where actors are trying to put on an accent. You can try to tune into some Irish television or radio online or some video websites of genuine Irish people.

How can one listen to the Irish accent?

The best way to listen to an Irish accent is to book a holiday to Ireland. The accent in the north is quite different to that of the south. Alternatively York University has a selection of Irish dialect resources, and they can also be heard on YouTube.

Why is the Jeannie in the fiber one bar commercials Irish?

His accent is Scottish not Irish

What is the Irish spelling for Sean?

It is Seán in Irish spelling. Note the accent mark.

Is the Irish accent closer to the American accent or the English?

Neither. It is very distinct and lilting.

What is a broad Irish accent called?

A brogue.

What is Sean in Irish?

It's Seán with an accent on the 'a'.

Why are Irishmen with dark hair and skin referred to as the Fighting Irish?

Irishmen with dark hair and skin are referred to as "Black Irish" as opposed to redheaded Irishmen who are referred to as "Red Irish." The "Fighting Irish" is the mascot for Notre Dame.

Which one is easier Scottish or Irish or Australian accent?

See for yourself here: [[]] and [[]]

Is Pat Monohan Irish?

No. Pat Monohan is not Irish. If he was, then he would have an Irish accent. You would be able to hear it in his songs.

In the Mcdonalds Christmas ad 2008 is the old woman who says is it free willie speaking with an Irish or Geordie accent?

it is Irish.. a inner dublin accent to be precise

What type of Irish accent does Mullingar people uses?

As it is in the middle of Ireland, the people there would have an Irish midlands accent. You would have to hear one to know what it is like.

What accent has Nate Ruess got?

He has an American accent though sounds a bit Irish when he sings.

What member is Irish in one direction?

Niall horan the blonde one with the deep Irish accent!

Are the Irish cool?

Yes, the Irish are so epicly awesome. I mean seriously! Listen to the accent!