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What is an OS?

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2017-03-02 18:46:26

It's the first letters of Operating System and

it's the main thinking brain of the computer. It's in charge of

what the software does on the computer.

Windows 7, Mac OS-10.8, Linux, etc, are all Operating


"OS" Stands for Operating System. And Operating system is

considered one of the 3 types of software. An OS takes the

"hardware" or computer parts inside your computer, and puts them to

good Use. Without your OS, your Computer would be a Large

Paper-weight. The OS is Virtual, it isn't something you can hold or

see ( except on your screen of course (: ) . The OS is stored in

the Hard drive inside your computer. Your hard drive also holds all

your other files, like your programs, pictures, and music, etc.

Some Examples of Operating Systems:


-Windows XP

-Windows Vista

-Windows 7

-Mac OS

- Tiger

- Leopard

- Snow Leopard

- Linux

- Ubuntu

- Debian

- Red Hat

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