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It's the first letters of Operating System and it's the main thinking brain of the computer. It's in charge of what the software does on the computer.

Windows 7, Mac OS-10.8, Linux, etc, are all Operating Systems
"OS" Stands for Operating System. And Operating system is considered one of the 3 types of software. An OS takes the "hardware" or computer parts inside your computer, and puts them to good Use. Without your OS, your Computer would be a Large Paper-weight. The OS is Virtual, it isn't something you can hold or see ( except on your screen of course (: ) . The OS is stored in the Hard drive inside your computer. Your hard drive also holds all your other files, like your programs, pictures, and music, etc.

Some Examples of Operating Systems:


-Windows XP

-Windows Vista

-Windows 7

-Mac OS

- Tiger

- Leopard

- Snow Leopard

- Linux

- Ubuntu

- Debian

- Red Hat

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Q: What is an OS?
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What is the difference between symbian os and windows os?

symbian os is phone os whether the windows os is computer os.

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What is an example of os?

Windows XP is an example of an OS. Windows Vista is an example of an OS. Windows 7 is an example of an OS. Mac OS X is an example of an OS.

How much does it cost to upgrade from OS 10 to OS X?

OS 10 is OS X.

What is the latest OS and what does OS stand for?

os stands for operating system.

What is the name of apple os?

The current OS from Apple is called Mac OS. It is the OS for their Macintosh range of computers. The Mac OS is currently in its 10th iteration and so is known as Mac OS X.

How do you check your computer OS?

Your question is hard to answer, depending on your OS changes how to check your OS. It is most likely that you have a Windows OS.

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What is Bunny OS?

Bunny OS 4000 is a series of operating systems made by Horatiu. There is Bunny OS 4000 SP1 Bunny OS 4000 SP2 Bunny OS 4000 SP3 Bunny OS 4000 SP4 And current Beta testing of Bunny OS SP5.

What is the OS of a palm?

The OS of a Palm ( now HP ) smartphone is named Web OS.

What is one of the most popular operating system?

Mac-OS=Disk operating system==Linux OS==Windows OS==Unix OS=

Where is the main OS for Mac?

The main OS for Mac can be found on a Mac when it is switched on. The current main OS is called Mac OS X.

What can be considered to be network operating system?

Two types of OS available one is client or desktop OS and the other is network OS. Desktop OS is the OS which can be used in a standalone computer but in case of network OS a group of computer can use it. Example: Desktop OS : Window xp,7 Network OS : Unix, Linux, Solaris - SuresH

Explain in the briefly on the classification of operating system?

Classification of Advanced OS is done as below:Architecture driven systems, and Application driven system. 1. Architecture driven: * Network OS * Distributed OS * Multiprocessor OS 2. Application driven: * Database OS * Real Time OS * Multimedia OS

What OS stands for?

OS :- Operating System

Which is not a function of the OS?

All are functions of the OS.

What is samsung OS SGP?

it is a phone os

What is the OS on which iPhone runs?

iPhone OS. No seriously it's actually called iPhone OS.

How do you change from Vista OS to Mac OS?

You cannot run OS X on a windows machine.

Is there a way to create a OS X style dock in Mac OS 9?

Unfortunately No. You should upgrade your OS 9 machine to OS X

What is the Macintosh OS X Tiger?

Macintosh OS X Tiger is an OS (Operating System) made by Apple. Mac OS X Tiger has nothing to do with tigers. The purpose of an OS is to run programmes on a computer.

What is the best OS for computers?

The best OS for a computer is based on opinion. However, most people will say the newest OS is the best OS. The only OS that I think has ever been a disappointment is Windows Vista.

The first commercially available OS with a GUI was?

the Apple Lisa OS was the first commercialy available OS with a GUI, closely followed by the original Mac OS.

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