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In terms of biochemistry, hydrophobia is the repulsion shown by a molecule to water. Lipids such as glycerol are a classic example, which is not soluble in water and will float on the surface.

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Example of hydrophobic?

Hydrophobic means water repuling/hater

What are some examples of hydrophobic molecules?

Oil is an example of a hydrophobic molecule.

What is an example of a hydrophobic material?


What is an example of hydrophobic substance?


What organic compound is generally insoluble in water (hydrophobic)?

Lips and fats are considered to be hydrophobic (having a fear of water).

What are example of hydrophobic monomers?

Laryl acrylate

What would be an example of a hydrophobic substance?

The definition of hydrophobic is to fail to mix with water or repel water. A hydrophobic substance is oil, because it will float and if mixed, will separate on its own.

What are some examples of molecules that have both hydrophobic and hydrophilic properties?

lipids: phospholipids are an example because their "head" is hydrophilic and their "tail" is hydrophobic

Is cholesterol hydrophobic or hydrophobic?


What is an example of a hydrophobic molecule?

Hydrophobic materials repel water. Examples of these types of molecules would be alkanes, fats, oils, and anything else that is greasy.

Is hydrocarbon a hydrophobic?


What in a hydrophobic material?

Well, hydrophobic means it doesn't "like" water. Fats and oils, for example, are hydrophobic, as they do not mix with water, but instead form balls on the surface. So, chemically, it's made up of hydrogen atoms attached to a carbon skeleton.

Does the plasma membrane have hydrophobic heads and hydrophobic tails?

No, as the head is not hydrophobic, it is actually hydrophilic. However, the tail is hydrophobic.

What is a hydrophobic bond?

There is no such thing as a hydrophobic bond, It is a hydrophobic force. These forces come about when two areas of 2 different molecules containing hydrophobic sections come close together. like in protein's the hydrophilic sections come together to form bonds and the hydrophobic sections come together and so are seen as bonds but in reality they are not bonding but are just brought together to keep the hydrophobic parts away from aqueous environment (see lipid bi layers as an example)

Is Triglycerides hydrophobic or hydrophilic?


Is vitamin A hydrophobic or hydrophilic?


What is hydrophobic and how do you determine if a molecule is hydrophobic?

Hydrophobic means that the molecule is repelled by water. You can tell if a molecule is hydrophobic by the way the atoms are arranged.

What is an example of a molecule that inculdes both hydrophilic and hydrophobic groups?

Proteins are large structures that use the effects of hydrophobic and hydrophilic groups to help them take shape. Another, simpler, example is the Phospholipid found in the bilayer making up the cell membrane.

Is olive oil hydrophilic or hydrophobic?

no, its hydrophobic

Are hydrocarbons hydrophobic or hydrophilic?

Hydrocarbons are hydrophobic.

Is vegetable oil hydrophilic or hydrophobic?


Is the phosphate group hydrophobic or hydrophilic?


Are non polar molecules hydrophobic?

They are hydrophobic.

Hydrophillic and hydrophobic?

Hydrophillic is water loving. Hydrophobic is water avoidance. Generally oils are hydrophobic.

Is nylon fiber hydrophobic or hydrophilic?

Nylon is a hydrophobic material.

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