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IPAD is a new mix of the iPhone to Apple, Apple iTouch, and a full notebook / laptop. Using the touch screen you can use the internet for research applications, listen to music, movies and games this new Apple iPad.

Here are top 10 uses for iPad, you will find that it really makes your life colorful!

1. Surf the Internet

iPad is the best way to experience the web. View whole pages in portrait or landscape on the large Multi-Touch screen. And let your fingers do the Surfing. You can sync your bookmarks from your Mac or PC, and add even more right from your iPad. Besides, MobileMe keeps your Safari bookmarks in sync on your iPad, iPhone, Mac, and PC - wirelessly and automatically. So no matter where you go, you'll always have the most up-to-date information at hand.

2. E-mail

It's ideal for checking e-mail and sending short e-mails, especially when you're on the go. There's nothing like the Mail app on iPad. With a split-screen view and expansive onscreen keyboard, it lets you see and touch your email in ways you never could before.

3. Recipe book

The iPad is the world's biggest cookbook. It's great to have in the kitchen with you when you need to follow a recipe since it takes up much less space than a laptop, especially since it sits perfectly in a cookbook stand. There are many great recipe websites, plus there are many free apps related to recipes and cooking, like epicurious.

4. Photo storage and viewing

The iPad is great for storing and viewing your photos because of the large display and the way that you can flip easily from one photo to the next, and jump between folders with ease.

Tips: If you want to transfer photos from computer to your iPad, we recommend you this iPad Transfer.

5. E-reader

With the new iPad. you can access all of the books on Amazon, just like a Kindle, but the display is much bigger. You can view your book in portrait or landscape, and the way the pages flip is awesome - you flip it with your finger and it looks just like a real book.

6. Music

The big, beautiful iPad display lets you browse your music collection by song, artist, album, genre, or composer with the touch of a finger. See your music as full-size album art. Flip through all your albums and tap to choose what you want to hear. iPad makes music look as good as it sounds.

7. Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) i.e. Skype

The iPad has a speaker and built-in microphone so it's ideal for making phone calls over the Internet, as long as you don't mind not having the video feature.

8. Games

It's great for playing simple little games. There are many free gaming applications for the iPad already. If you're willing to pay for games, then there are many to choose from, As a rule, I suggest that you pick games that have been developed for the iPad, not both the iPad and iPhone, because these won't be nearly as good.

9. Movies

Great for using on airplanes or even at the gym, the iPad has a big screen and is great for watching films, especially when compared with a cell phone or an iPod. If you want to watch your DVD or videos on iPad, here is ipad converter site .

10. Weather & News

Apart from e-mail and Internet, this is probably what the iPad is most used for at our house. There are plenty of great apps for quick news and weather reports at your fingertips, many of which you can customize to your own interests.

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Q: What is an iPad and what is the use of an iPad?
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