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Could be in the fuel system-not getting gas, which can come from quite a few reasons. The Ignition system may not be providing enough spark. New cars have "brains"/sensors at different locations that detect problems or become the source of the problem. More info on year/make/model & exactly what it is doing when it doesn't start is needed.

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All that is necessary for a (gasoline) engine to work is fuel, compression and electricity. If there is no fuel it won't run. If the pistons do not provide compression (to the fuel) it will not run. If there is no spark (electricity) it won't run.

A bad starter will cause it not to start.

A bad solenoid (to turn on the starter) will cause it not to start.

Bad connections at the battery will cause it not to start.

Bad connections at the starter will cause it not to start.

On many newer cars, something as simple as a not properly tightened gas cap will cause it not to start.

No compression will cause it not to start.

Dirty gas or a dirty gas filter will cause it not to start.

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Q: What is another cause for a car not to start besides the starter or battery?
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Could your starter cause your battery not to charge?

No, a starter cannot cause a battery to fail to charge. It could cause the battery to discharge quickly.

What would cause a power wire to burn from the starter to the battery?

why would my starter wire burn, going from starter to battery

What would cause a positive battery cable to burn up?

bad starter or bad connection to starter or bad ground on battery or starter

Can a damaged car battery cause a starter issue?


What might cause a Dodge Neon battery to die?

check battery if it has water and check the starter

What could cause your motor not to turn over if you have a new battery and new starter?

Could be the starter relay

What would cause the starter to engage without the key when you hook up the battery?

Starter selenoid no good

Why would a car just click when trying to start other than the cause of a bad battery?

A bad starter. A loose connection @ the terminal ends-the battery cables-the starter solonoid-IF IT has Rubber covers around the battery ends corrosion from battery acid could cause it.EVEN a bad ground on the engine from the battery 2 the frame.(battery cables) The battery cable ends could be corroded and should be cleaned. The next step would be to check the starter selenoid and then the starter.

Can a bad starter cause a short and make your cables hot and you have to unhook battery to get it to stop burning?

It could but, have the battery tested before you purchase a new starter.

A discharged battery could cause the starter to turn?

yes of course

Can a low battery cause starter not to engage?

Yes. Without sufficient charge, the starter will not have enough amperage to crank.

Can a car backining into you cause the starter to go out?

No, unless you were hit hard enough to damage the battery or battery connections.

What would cause a clicking sound when starting your 98 Chevy S-10 when the battery and battery connection are good?

the starter may not be good or the connection on the starter may be loose

What problems cause the car to not start if the battery is working and the engine willl not turn over at all?

if you have good battery and cable connections, the starter motor or starter relay is bad

Why Truck will not crank but battery juice is good?

Sounds like a starter issue. Bad wire to the starter could cause it.

What would cause your car not to start with a fully charged battery?

Corrosion on the wires, bad starter or starter solenoid, worn flywheel or flexplate, many things. Even just corroded battery terminals could cause no start.

What will cause a ford f150 not to have any power no headlights no dash lights like i don't have no battery or either my starter is bad but its not what can cause this to happen?

If you have no battery then you have no power.

What cause your 305 Chevy engine not to start or crank?

Could be a bad battery or starter.

Could the starter cause the battery to drain?

no , only the concrete and other cemented floors ....

What if your 1979 ford 250 wont start and only clicks?

starter, starter relay, battery, high resistance in batter/starter cabels just a few things that will cause this.

Why with a new starter new battery 92 Seville won't turn over?

The old starter might of blew your battery. I would either recheck the wires to the starter make sure I did it correctly and if you did I would buy a new battery. I JUST had the same thing happen. 79 bucks for a new battery just cause its "special" really sucks!

What could cause my 97 Blazer to be difficult to start?

Several things a weak battery , the terminals on the battery are not tight enough or a bad starter.

What else could cause chrysler concorde to make a clicking sound when trying to start?

Weak battery, corroded or loose battery cables, failed starter.

What cause a battrey to drain when you starter a truck?

I'd recommend you do a battery test and charging system test. The battery would be my first suspect.

What can be the cause if your car won't start and it clicks?

Weak battery, bad connection Bad starter