What is arable land?

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Arable land is land suitable on which to grow food crops.
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What is Arable Farming?

Arable farmming is farmming done on arable land and arable land is land that is good for farmming. For example rocky, and sandy land is considered non arable land

How much of the earth' s land is arable?

Roughly 15.75 million square kilometers. This seems incorrect. Wikipedia says there are 31,000,000 sq km of land on the earth. Also, worded differently the answer comes up elsewhere here at WikiAnswers as 31,0000,000 sq km The CIA website (which is pretty accurate when it comes to stats) has t ( Full Answer )

Does India have arable land?

48.83% of India's land is considered arable. That's is a little over 1.45 million square kilometers.

What are the characteristics of commercial arable farming?

the characteristics of a commercial arable farm are: size of the farm: The farms are usually large. Approximately 100 acres in size. Crops grown: commercial arable farming is mostly monoculture meaning only one type of crop is grown. The crops grown varies by different countries and regions. Crops ( Full Answer )

COmmercial arable Farming?

Arable farming is farming that involves growing crops, not raisinglivestock. Commercial farming is growing crops for profit on apiece of arable land.

What continent has no arable land?

The only continent with no arable land is Antarctica. There isactually very little soil at all on the entire continent.

Characteristics of commercial arable farming?

The four top characteristics of a commercial arable farm aredefined by the method, market, crops and size. The methods offarming include using machinery and chemicals to produce amonoculture crop which is sold and ranges around 100 acres.

Why does Canada have little arable land?

Canada has little arable land because in the northern part of Canada it is to cold for crops to grow or people to live in those areas that is why most people in Canada line on the united states and Canadian border

How much arable land does Australia have?

Depending on the source one consults, Australia has between 6.1 and6.6 % arable land. Although this does not sound like much, givenAustralia's total area it is quite a significant amount. Australiais the world's ninth-largest agricultural producer, and one of theworld's major exporters of food. Acco ( Full Answer )

What are the advantages of Arable Farming?

In busines&finance it provide foreing currency hence increaseases national economy due to sellng of various crops within and out side the country,(2)in farm animal it can provide them food such as cereals by product like sunflower seedcake,maize bran(in animal life it can be used as pasture and sour ( Full Answer )

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Arable Farming?

Cons- -Expensive price of inputs -Very low profit -once, locusts season is back 10 years of work will be all gone -very stressful work for such little profit and a 70% chance of having a bad weather -usually farms are very far away from the city, so it is hard to travel from places to place ( Full Answer )

What percent of Antarctica is arable land?

Zero percent of Antarctica is arable. It is permanently covered with ice.. Because Antarctica is a "polar" region, there is no precipitation, it has no lakes or rivers and is in fact the driest continent.. Average temperatures in the Antarctic interior get down to -70 degrees Celsius during the wi ( Full Answer )

Is there arable land in Ireland?

Roughly 11,587 kilometers is considered arable land in Ireland. I am not sure if the Aran Islands to the west coast of Ireland is included in this figure. It was once considered unsuitable for crops due to the rocky terrain but the locals added salt and seaweed to the island and converted it to arab ( Full Answer )

What is Spain's arable land?

Central Spain is known for La Mancha, a region of extreme weather (it is considerably arid) yet here, wheat, grasses, and other crops are cultivated.

How has the lack of arable land in Mexico brought about the exsitence of migrant workers in the country?

The lack of arable land in Mexico has nothing to do with the amount of illegal immigrants who cross the US border. The arable land in Mexico is roughly 12% of the total land area, or almost the size of the United Kingdom which in normal conditions would support many times the population Mexico has. ( Full Answer )

What are arable crops?

Arable means any land suitable for growing crops. Any crop that is grown is therefore grown on arable land. All crops grown are arable crops.

What is an arable farm?

It is a farm that primarily specializes in crop production. However, such a farm can also be used to raise such livestock as dairy cattle, hogs, chicken, and beef cattle, because one part of the farm is used for crop production, and the other for raising livestock. Such a farm is located in an area ( Full Answer )

How technologies help to increase arable land?

Technologies help much in increasing the arable land, because arable land can be increased by terracing, irrigation, using fertilizers. So advanced technology of creating machine for terracing to increase the land usage, this is how it helps. Belle

How is arid land made arable again?

The pits left behind after mining can be made into lakes and the surroundings landscaped into gardens and parks. Trees can be planted to protect the land from soil erosion. Smaller mine pits can be filled and leveled with rocks and soil. The land can be treated to make it usable again for farming, ( Full Answer )

How much land in the Philippines is arable?

The Philippines has a total land area of 299,404 square kilometers or approximately 30 million hectares. Around 33 percent of the total land area is arable. That translates to 9.3 million hectares of arable land . A hectare is 10,000 square meters.

What percent of land is arable in Australia?

According to a 2009 World Bank report, Australia's arable landmakes up 6.14% of the total land on the continent. Despite this, Australia is capable of being self-sufficient, ableto grow virtually any crop or food. In reality, 55.5 % of thecontinent is used for agriculture, as much of land is suitabl ( Full Answer )

How does japan's low arable land affect it population density?

Japan's low arable land reflects that most of the country is uninhabitable forests and mountains, thus decreasing its capacity for population density. However, Japan's arable land to population ratio is many times more favorable than, e.g., China, so the food production aspect of arable land is not ( Full Answer )

How can the presence or absence of natural resources and arable land affect a nation's economy?

That's like asking how can the presence of lungs and other vital organs affect life if their was no air being breathed by a human. The organs, like resources, are nice, but do nothing without air or an economic system to power them. Natural Resources are neither sufficient or necessary for economic ( Full Answer )

Can you Use arable in a sentence?

The field was arable for miles and miles. Arable describes a pieceof land that is good for growing crops.

Can arable land be changed for used as pasture land?

Yes, for sure! All you have to do is instead of seeding it in a monoculture crop, seed it in a grass mixture best suited for your area. Leave it for about a year to fully establish itself (after cutting down the weeds that may try to out grow the grass seedligns; don't spray with herbicide) before p ( Full Answer )

How can arid land be turned into arable land?

Arid land can be turned arable to at least a large portion of crops by irrigation. In fact, canals have been used by desert people for thousands of years to irrigate their farmlands. These include the Mesopotamians (in the Middle East), who grew dates and wheat, as well as Native American groups lik ( Full Answer )

How much arable land is in Mexico?

Mexico is widely believed to be an arid country, but this is not the case. It has a vast territory, where almost 12% is used for agriculture. This means 232,761 square kilometers (89,869 sq mi), which are almost the size of the whole United Kingdom , are used to grow food and cash crops.

How much land in Afghanistan is arable land?

About 12% -- my calculations give me about 11.9% - 12.13%. According to my world reference (which is outdated, yes, but the land's not going to magically turn fertile in fourteen years), you've got some high mountain regions in the North-east, even more desert in the South-west, and bits of crop ( Full Answer )

What is life like as an arable farmer?

I imagine it would be very tiring to have to tend to livestock day in and day out, but very rewarding, as an animal like a cow in return would produce milk and meat for the farmer. Having been to an arable farm, I saw that a lot of work was to be done, even removing the 'waste' ;).

What do you have in a arable farm?

The word "arable" means "able to grow crops in". Therefore, an arable farm is one that is well-suited for raising crops from the soil.

How much arable land does each country have?

Well, that changes every year. Here are the top 10, as of 2012,measured in thousands of square kilometers: . India = 1,562 . United States = 1,551 . Russia = 1,197 . China = 1,065 . Brazil = 726 . Australia = 471 . Canada = 459 . Argentina = 392 . Nigeria = 350 . Ukraine = 325

Is it possible to make arable land?

The question is almost impossible to answer because we do not know the condition of the land to start with. Arable land is land that can be, or is cultivated. Can the land be capable of being tilled or plowed for the production of crops. The location of the land is important, To hot or to cold, salt ( Full Answer )

What types of land are termed arable?

"Arable" land is any land that can be plowed and planted with one or more dedicated crops for human consumption. Most areas with topsoil can be farmed and thus are termed "arable"; non-arable lands include deserts, permafrost, soils with extreme alkalinity or acidity and soils with extreme salinity. ( Full Answer )

What are facts about Arable Farming?

Arable farming refers to the exclusive use of farmland for the growth of crops. Arable farms produce only crops and don't raise animals for production. Arable land usually has a nearby water source and an adequate temperature.