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The Ranger 36 cross-references to a Marlin 80 with an adjustable trigger. This model was manufactured from 1935 to 1939.

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Q: What is ballpark estimate on Ranger Model 36 bolt action rifle mfg dates?
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Who made ranger model m36?

If your Ranger is a bolt action .22, it is likely a Marlin Model 80 made for Sears.

What is the ballpark estimate for 248-103?


What is the model of an old single shot bolt action Ranger .22 rifle with no model designation marked anywhere and what is its approximate age?

We have a Ranger bolt action rifle with a model # 103-8. We do not know the age of our gun however.

What is the value of a 22 Ranger bolt action model 36?

I don't know the value of your .22 Ranger bolt action,but it was made by Marlin for and sold by Ranger.It is the same as the Marlin model 80.All parts will fit

Is the Winchester Ranger rifle the same as the Model 670?

The Word ranger was used by Winchester to denote a economy version of there regular rifles and shotguns.The model 670 was a economy version of the famous model 70 bolt action rifle.Winchester also made a ranger model 94 rifle,and various ranger model shotguns during their many years of being in business.

Did browning make a 16 gauge ranger repeating pump shotgun?

No browning did not,but winchester made a ranger model pump action shotgun.

What is the age of a Winchester Model 12 Pump Action 12 GA Shotgun 20 barrel with serial number 757726? will get you in the ballpark.

What is the ranger 22 model 103-8 bolt action worth?


What is a Little Texas Ranger single action revolver model number TX57817 worth?

@40-100 or so.

Did Winchester make a 12 gauge pump action similar to the Ranger Model 140 semi-automatic?

The Model 140 is a cheaper varient of the 1400

Where can you get a front sight for 22 caliber Ranger Model M34 single shot bolt action?

the ranger Mod 34 was made by Marlin mod 65

What is the value of a 22 caliber Ranger Model M34 single shot bolt action?

Under $100.

You have aSears Ranger model 102.3 slide action 22 please tell you who made it? has a store brand chart.

What is info about the Ranger Model 35 single-shot bolt-action 22 rifle?

the ranger Mod 35 was made by savage mod 52B 1933-1937

Who has info on a sears ranger model 103.2 clip fed bolt action 22 cal rifle?

It was made by Marlin and is a pre-war version of the Model 80.

Where can you get parts for a 22 caliber Ranger Model 101.13 bolt action rifle?

Your gun is a Savage/Stevens Model 86. has some parts. After that it is a long search.

When was the Ranger 22LR model made?

I have a ranger model 101.13 that my father bought new in 1946

What is the date of the Winchester Ranger 30-30 serial number 5318298?

With the serial number that you have supplied,your Winchester model 1894 ranger lever action rifle was made in the year 1985.

What is the value of a Sears Ranger Pump Action Model 102.25 serial number 35566?

Depending on conditon, 150-300 USD.

When was the Ranger model 35 manufactured?

Cross referencing store brands cn be iffy. Sear used the Ranger name- and so did others. IF your Ranger 35 is a bolt action 22 with a tubular magazine, it is a Stevens Mdl 66, made from 1931-1935. If that does not describe YOUR Ranger, please repost with some additional info- type of weapon, caliber, type action, etc.

What is a ballpark estimate for a 1875 Winchester lever action 30-30?

Winchester did not make a model 1875 rifle.The 30-30 cartridge was introduced with the model 1894 rifle in the year 1894.A value cannot be determined unless you provide a more detailed description of your rifles overall condition,and please include the serial number to date your rifles year of manufacture.

Where can you find information on a sears 16 ga ranger shotgun bolt action 105-20?

Its an H&R Model 120

How old is a Ranger 22 cal rifle model 103-2 bolt action?

No published sn data in the public domain.

Where can you get prints that tells how to take a firing pin out of a 1957 ranger model 35-a bolt action rifle?

Recommend you see a gunsmith.

What is the value of a Riverside 16 gauge with a Browning patent on the barrel and receiver?

Savage/Stevens made a lot shotguns with the Riverside name and Browning patented a lot of guns, features, and improvements. Give a model name or number and describe the action (automatic, slide, etc) and we may be able to give a ballpark estimate.