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milk is better because your bones grow stronger because of the calcium you take in.

You should still drink water because it stops you from getting dehydrated but milk does as well.

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Does muscle milk taste better with milk or water?

Milk but if your trying to lose weight go for water.

Is water or milk or seltzerwater better at dissolving salt?

I think water is better.

Do cats like milk or water better?

They will like the milk much better. But be aware that most cats getting too much milk will also have diarrhea and it can make them sick. Water is safer.

Is water or milk better for your teeth?

Milk; calcium in milk helps build strong bones such as teeth

Should you have milk or water?

Milk is normally a better choice, but water would be more advisable after drinking alcohol.

Is it better to feed pet rats milk or water?

They always need food and water, milk will make them sick.

Will water or milk freeze first?

milk will freeze first as it has better freezing point

Is water or milk better for hot cocoa?

Milk because it makes it more creamy.

Is water or milk better for dogs?

Water is MUCH better for dogs than milk. Dogs cannot have much dairy, as it gives them digestion problems and leads to diarrhea.

Why does a plant grow better in water than milk?

A plant will grow better in water than milk because plants use water during photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is what allows plants to make their food.

Which is better for you milk or water?

water is... because without water you would not survive. even though milk is also good for you, you could go without it.

Explain why a bottle of milk keeps better when it stands in water in a porous pot in a draught?

Heat drawn from the milk when the water evaporates.

Does a plant grow taller if watered by milk or by water?

Better by Water because milk is very bad for plants they will just die

Is water better for you than milk?

considering that you can't live without water, i'd say that water > milk But think about it milk has a lot of fiber and that is good for you, even for pets it's good.

Can you drink the water after electric shock?

No, milk is a better option.

Do lima beans grow better in milk or water?

Lima beans grow best in milk because milk has more nutrients.

Do plants grow faster with water or milk?

i thick it grows better and healther with water

What makes plants grow better milk or water?

water gives less waste

Is drinking water and juices better than drinking milk?

water yes juices no

What helps a plant grow better and healthier water milk or soda?

milk because it has more calcume

Is root beer the best for your teeth?

water or milk would be better

What is better for a flower water milk coke or orange juice?

With pee

Does hot chocolate taste better in milk or water?

definetly milk!!! It gives it a more creamy taste!!!! and sometimes if you put water in it it is too watery.

If you are sick could you drink milk?

That depends on what you are sick with. In most cases, some milk will not hurt you, but water is probably better.

Is soy milk or almond milk better for your health?

Almond milk is better

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