What is c for down payment?

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full payment one time

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Q: What is c for down payment?
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What is the down payment on a bugatti?

A down payment for select buyers is $360,000

What is the duration of No Down Payment?

The duration of No Down Payment is 1.75 hours.

When was No Down Payment created?

No Down Payment was created on 1957-10-30.

What is initial payment on a mortgage called?

Down payment

When you put a down payment on a car do dealers come down on price?

When you put down a down payment the price is already set. You must get them to come down before you agree to purchase which is what your down payment represents.

Which describes installment loans?

They usually require a down payment.

What can affect your monthly car payment?

Interest and down payment.

What is the ratio of 400 down payment to the amount of 1200?

400 down payments : 1200 = 1 down payment : 3 payments or 1/3 dp : 1 payment

Car dealer forgot down payment?

The car dealer is not required to collect a down payment. The finance company is the one who usually asks for it. If they desire a down payment, they will contact you to get it.

What is the journal entry for down payment of cash?

[Debit] Down payment xxxx [Credit] cash xxxx

If you write a check for a down payment and it is return?

It went NSF and your down payment is not paid. You will likely incur extra charges as well for the NSF not only from the bank but from whomever the down payment was for.

What is the difference between advance payment and down payment?

Down Payment: Payment, which is a loan in advance with no securities for the borrower or the buyer. Advance Payment: Payment which is connected with respective responsibilities. That means that the borrower or buyer gets some securities from the lender or vendor.

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