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For 36 months, the add on rate is 14.05% and for 48 months its 18.92%.

TO compute, LOANABLE AMOUNT (usually 80% of the price of brand new car ) multiply by 1.1405 and divide by 36 to get the monthly amortization for 3 years.

For 48 months, 1.1892 multiply LOANABLE amount and then divide by 48 to get the monthly amortization for 4 years.

EXAMPLE: P500K price of brand new car.

Equity (Down payment): 20% of P500K = P100K

LOANABLE AMOUNT: 80% of P500K = P400K

36 months LOAN: P400K 1.1405 = P456,200 (total for 36 months)

Monthly amortization for 36 months: P12,672.22 (P456,200 divide by 36)

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Q: What is car loan interest rate of metrobank Philippines?
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