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What is cyberbullying?



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Cyber; to mean electronically, by way of virtual computer over the internet or airwaves.

Cyberbullying is bullying by texting and emailing people to embarrass them and hurt their feelings. Texting is the most popular way.

Cyber or internet bullying is where you are being bullied over the computer. This can be done by people leaving messages on websites, Bebo's, Facebook, my-space and even general bullying over messenger programs.

This can really hurt a persons feelings and is not a good thing to do as it just shows cowardliness. Most bullies, when stood up to, will back off and leave you alone.

If you are being bullied you can however save the comments or conversation and show it to police officers. It is unlikely that they will do a lot but it can result in them confiscating the bully's computer and things similar to that.

Cyberbullying is when you go to places like chat rooms, or other places where you can connect with people and the people that you talk to say mean things or offensive types of stuff or sometimes sexual comments and things that just make you feel uncomfortable. An example would be if you were talking to someone you didn't know in a chat room and they say " GIVE ME YOUR ADDRESS OR I WILL COME AND KILL YOU!" something like that. It is very scary and cyberbullying should be stopped and if that is happening to you, tell someone you trust and let them take care of it and don't go to that place again!

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