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What is difference between CRDI DICOR MPFI?

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2009-11-28 14:05:51

DICOR is nothin but refurbished term for crdi and it stands for

"Direct Injection Common Rail engine" and the simple funda of crdi

is a modern variant of direct injection system for diesel engines.

It features a high-pressure (1000+ bar) fuel rail feeding

individual solenoid valves, as opposed to low-pressure fuel pump

feeding pump nozzles or high-pressure fuel line to mechanical

valves controlled by cams on the camshaft.

and yeah crdi and dicor is for diesel engines....where as mpfi

(multiple point fuel injection) is for petrol engines and if we

talk in layman language when we used carburettor fed engine.....the

main problem was that the fuel air mixture was not uniform in all

the cylinders. it was always that the first chamber got the richest

mixture and the last chamber got the lean mixture so to get rid of

this problem the engineers developed a system where we injected the

fuel rather than m ixing it with air and just air was sucked in the

suction stroke.

i hope this would help



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