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Your actions are illegal and yes you are reading into this too far. Look for more absolute signs like late arrivals, suspicious activities etc. On a time you know she'd otherwise be free, suggest an outing (movie, dinner, picnic etc.) If there's an unexpected hesitation, there is reason to be concerned. I don't condone spying in a relationship if there hasn't been any suspicious circumstances to give cause. Just because you're in a relationship with someone doesn't give you unlimited access to their email, mail and phone conversations. But realistically, if someone has already had red flags about their spouse's behavior and are basically wanting proof so that they can make a decision about confronting the person, exposing an affair and the future of the marriage, I say go ahead. In this case, your wife is obviously wanting more than a innocent co-worker relationship with this guy--but it sounds like he turned her down. It's up to you to decide if you want to stay in a relationship with a spouse who is making advances towards other men or not. If you decide to confront her, be aware a) You're going to have to let the cat out of the bag about how you know what she said and b) she'll probably get angry and deny everything.

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Report the incident to your Security Office

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The President's office is called the Oval Office.

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The President's office is called the Oval Office.

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The president's office is called the Oval Office.

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If the coworker is liked by others in the office then get some of the other coworkers to chip in for a nice gift and have a cake. Then sign a card with all your names on it. If there is just you and the coworker then take them out for lunch and give them a nice gift (doesn't have to be overly expensive) and a card.

What is the dream interpretation of the death of a coworker?

Each dream is about the dreamer. In this example, the coworker could be a symbol of the dreamer and "death" represent some significant change related to work. For example, the dream might refer to actual job loss or a move to a different office or division.

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the oval office the presidents office hahaha actually its called the oval office

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Coworkers can be friends, but it is best to be nice at work and not become too close to coworkers. Talk about what is going on around the world; movies; theater, and do not get caught up in office gossip. Speaking about your private life is not a good idea as it may get around the office; romances are not advisable with a coworker because if the relationship does not work out you still have to see that person every day or you may have to work with them. Putting down Management to a coworker is not a good idea as they may well be the type to relate your thoughts to Management just because they are either a rat in the company or, they are climbing the ladder in that company. Be careful what you say; keep your private life to yourself; don't have a romantic relationship within the company and just be pleasant and be careful what you say to coworkers as far as Management. Go to work with a smile on your face; leave work and then enjoy your private life with friends that are not associated with you at work.

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You can do office job searches on a lot of websites, everything from google to craigslists. Also don't rule out basic things like newspapers, friends and friends of friends.

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It's called the Oval Office.

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=the Oval office=

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The Oval Office

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office of Imam

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The president of Mexico would most likely sit at his desk in his office to look over documents. His office is in a building called the Palacio Nacional which is in Mexico City.

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