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You either need a head gasket or intake gasket.

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Q: What is involved with a 350 Chevy intake manifold that is leaking coolant and oil?
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What is the intake on a 1994 Chevy berretta where coolant is leaking?

Intake manifold at top of engine?

On a 1987 mustang gt coolant is leaking into oil but its not the head gasket?

Intake manifold is leaking, or worse, cracked cylinder most likely tho, the intake manifold.

Will there be leaking coolant because of an intake manifold failure?

Most of the time - yes

Coolant leaking from intake manifold?

leaking gasket try tightening the bolts a little might help

Why the coolant is leaking on Chevy Blazer?

Need to check the 4 corners on the intake manifold. It is common for the intake to leak engine coolant.

The Coolant is leaking from between the manifold and block on a 1966 gto 389 ci?

you need to replace the intake manifold gasket.

Does the 2002 Chevrolet Impala 3.4 engine have habit of leaking coolant?

Yes they do at the intake manifold.

Will engine overheat if intake manifold gasket is bad?

It can if it is leaking coolant into engine or out side of engine.

What are the symptoms of a bad intake manifold?

Don't generally see an intake manifold go bad, it is usually the intake manifold gaskets that go bad in which case you may see engine coolant leaking out in the corners or worse case leaking into the engine and mixing with the oil.

What is the probable cause of coolant leaking behind the engine in a 1999 s-10?

Intake manifold gasket

How do you check for a blown intake gasket?

Look for leaking antifreeze/coolant. Usually you can see it leaking around the top of the engine. Also check your oil, if it looks milky it has been mixed with coolant and you intake manifold gasket is leaking. That being said, it is possible to have a leaking intake gasket with no sign of leaking antifreeze. Most intake manifold issues/leaks are coupled with poor engine performance and even sputtering and lack of power.

What if your 1992 Chevy silverado is leaking engine coolant from the top of the engine just below the distrubutor what is leaking?

There is a heater hose that goes to the left rear top side of the intake manifold and that fitting leaks engine coolant sometimes and it will run down the back of the intake around the distributor. If that fitting is not leaking then the intake manifold gasket is leaking coolant in the corners of it. REplace the intake gasket. That's all that can leak coolant on that year engine. If coolant is leaking out between the transmission and engine block then you have a freeze plug leaking in the back of the engine, between the transmission and block. Must remove the transmission and flywheel to fix it.

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