What is kaaba key called rataj or ramaj?

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what is a key called in a pie chart

when his mother was pregnant and visiting Kaaba (the home of God at Mecca) she felt pain of birth and could not go to home. immediately the wall of Kaaba opened and she entered and wall closed people took the key of door of Kaaba but could not open the door. after 3 days she came our with the baby in his hands. and the baby recited some verses of Quran.

The control key on a Windows machine is also called the Ctrl key. On a Mac the key with this kind of function is called Command key.

It is not. It is actually called the caret key. Nothing to do with orange roots.

Key's called Almighty Key because he can sing, dance and rap well :)

A keyboard is a "board" with keys on it. So a keyboard key is called a, "Keyboard key". There is no fancier word for them.

when you change key it is called transposing. but when you remain in the same key but change from major to minor ( or any other change within the key) it is called 'change of mode'

If it is to the left of the 1 key it is called the tilde key

The mod key, or alt key is called the option key on a Mac. It is to the right or left of the command key.

A key that helps identify organisms is called a dichotomous key.

It is called the key Fob.

A hex key or an allen key

John key has 1 girl called Stephie and 1 boy called Max/

I didn't know there was a key called Key Lime... Key Lime is a citrus tree not a place

It is called a lock and key mechanism.Actually is more than one word. It is called a lock and key mechanism. Only one key can unlock one lock.

Key in Armenian is called as: PANALEY and pronounced as Stanley.

' is called the apostrophe key.

A Key collector is called a copoclephilist

The normal term would be a primary key, not a record key.

John key live in a capital city called wellington

As they indicate what key the piece is written in, they're called the "key signature."

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