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What is left of the Columbian Exhibition of 1893?


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The most significant artifact left from the World's Columbian Exposition is the Museum of Science and Industry. The buildings that stand on 57th Street near South Shore Drive became the museum in the 1930s if I'm not mistaken. If you want to know the full history of the Exposition, there should be some available websites. Two important downtown buildings were constructed to make Chicago more attractive for visitors to the 1893 world's fair. The Art Institute and the Public Library (now the Chicago Cultural Center) were both built on Michigan AVenue south of the Chicago River.At that time, the immediate area was unattractive and unfashionable: railroad tracks, swampy ground, not much else. Although both of these structures didn't direclty form a part of the fair, they owe their existence to the Exposition. There was an article about this in the Chicago Tribune recently. There is a little building that was used as a ticket booth, that has been preserved, and it is in the yard next to a Wright house in Oak Park. This site mentions it, but doesn't show it. Also, I read that the original artifacts at the Field Museum were from the Fair.


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