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What is making your 2001 kia sportage spark knock. i changed the plugs?


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2007-02-09 08:47:31
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Make sure the firing order is correct that you didn't mix up the leads when changing plugs.


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I own a 2002 Kia Sportage, I get 23-24.5 mpg every tank of gas after i changed spark plugs it has 60,000 miles on it

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if you have 4 cylinder , 4 plugs if you have 6 cylinder , 6 plugs

If you have a 4 cylinder there are 4 plugs and if you have a 6 cylinder then there are 6.

i like to know if there is a diagram or video to change spark plugs on a 2000 kia sportage if there is where can i find it?

Check to make sure the wires are all tight and you have them in the correct firing sequence. Also make sure you put the correct plugs in.

remove the intake pieces over the valve cover .the plugs are under the black cover

how do i know when my glow plugs need to be changed in my vauxhall astra cdti

whenever you change the plugs it is a must that you change the coil packs and wires. for some reason the plugs never seem to fire properly with the old wires and packs. i replace everything about every 40,000 miles

Worn spark plugs would cause mis-firing or non firing cylinders, both are no good for the engine, replacing the plugs may stop the knock (Could also be a different problem) But you should replace spark plugs as soon as possible.

if you follow Jeeps recommended gap the knock sensor activates and it knocks. Just gap to .060 - 075 " and make sure to have plug cap bar on correct. so knock disappears. WTF

in the middle, under the air intake manifold there is a black piece of plastic and the plugs are under there, the inlet manifold has to be removed as well...

the transmition ,is probably not adjusted to the spark plugs,or their not the right spark plugs

if you have 2.4l dohv engine, remove the intake tube ,then there is a rectangle black cover with 4 bolts,take that off and you will see spark plugs under it with deep shafts to the plugs.

100K if they are platinum plugs, 50K if they are regular plugs.

They are located in the top of the head, thru the center of the valve cover. Not so easy to get to.

When the idle goes rough, you must idle the plugs. Else the car plugs roughly.

You have connected the wires to the wrong plugs.

On mine, the plug wires were bad, and no making a proper connection. changed plugs and wires and the problem was solved.

2001 Honda accord it might be the crankshaft sensor or the knock sensor you might have to check the spark plugs too

Remove the plastic cover plate on top of engine and you will see 4 holes in a line which is where the spark plugs are recessed into, you will need a socket set with long extension arm to reach the plugs. hope this helps. Iain.

Any of the astro vans I have worked on the plugs were best changed from underneath

=why do my plugs keep cracking in a 2000 for explorer....changed four already

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