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The engaging of prisoners in hard labour like road construction, stone crushing, removal of earth, masonary, milling of grains and operating old-fashioned manufacturing processes manually.

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What is a mismeandor?

An offense for which a person may be sentenced to a term of imprisonment of not more than a year.

What is the difference between slaves and convicts?

a convict is someone who is guilty of an offense and sentenced to imprisonment and will be a free person when the sentence is completed. A slave is a person legally owned by another and having no freedom of action or right to property - and may never have...

How long is the life sentence in Canada?

Under the Criminal Code of Canada, a person who is sentenced to life is sentenced to life. The issues after that are how many years of a life sentence must be served before the person can apply for parole.

If a person is sentenced to life then transferred to a state with the death penalty will he be sentenced to death?

The person would never be transferred to another state. They would serve their sentence in the state that convicted them.

How much time does a person have to do in the USA if they were sentenced to fifteen to life?

A person has to serve 80% of the time sentenced but, when the sentence ends with life you can serve life in jail or be on parole for the remainder of your life ...

How can you use commuter in a sentence?

noun a person who commutes, especially between home and work. Sentence: The death sentence was commuted, by the commuter, to life imprisonment.

What is Life term court sentence?

Its another way of saying that person has been sentenced to life

Can a person who's been sentenced choose the death penalty?

Convicted inmates do not have a choice of their sentence. They must complete the sentence that is handed down by the courts.

What is the typical sentence for fourth degree assault?

Is a gross misdemanor with possible penalties of one year in jail and a fine not more than $3,000. If causes bodily harm, the person is guilty of a felony and may be sentenced to imprisonment for not more than 3 years or fine not more than $6,000.

What is the difference between a life sentence and a life sentence without the possibility of parole?

A prisoner in the United States who has been punished and sentenced to life in prison still has a very good chance of being released from custody at some point in his or her life before they die. They have the possibility of being released on parole for good behavior or if they prison decides they have been rehabilitated. A prisoner who has been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole or (LWOP) has been condemned to die in prison no matter what. The reality of the situation is that a person who has been sentenced to (LWOP) has been sentenced to death, whereas a person sentenced to a life sentence with a chance of parole has not.

What is the sentence for homicide?

The sentence for homicide depends on the type of homicide one commits for example one who commits a vehicular homicide may get a lesser sentence than a person sentenced for criminal homicide.

How much prison time can a person get for violating a probation in Florida?

There is no way of answering this. It will be ENTIRELY up to the judge who sentenced you. When you get brought back to court you COULD be sentenced to serve the balance of your sentence behind bars.

What is the sentence in Florida for aggravated assault on a police officer?

According to Florida Statutes, it is a felony of the third degree to a felony of the second degree. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, any person convicted of aggravated assault upon a law enforcement officer shall be sentenced to a minimum term of imprisonment of 3 years.

Can you answer the library phone and announce that the person they are looking for is in prison for embezzlement?

If it is true any sentence to a term of imprisonment is public information. If it is not true then shame on you.

Are there any voting disqualifications?

Yes, the constitution of the US has some voting disqualifications. A person who is sentenced by final judgment to suffer imprisonment for one year or more is disqualified to vote. A person who is also convicted as a result of disloyalty to the government is also disqualified to vote.

How many years is a life sentence in Maryland?

In Maryland, a life sentence is equal to 30 years. A person who has been sentenced to life is usually eligible for parole at 15 years in Maryland.

Explain difference between a concurrent sentence and a consecutive sentence?

Concurrent sentences run at the same time. Consecutive sentences run back to back. For example, if a person is convicted of two crimes, and sentenced to one year on each, if he is sentenced to concurrent time, he will spend one year in jail, however if he is sentenced to consecutive time, he will spend two years in jail.

How long does a person serving a life sentence actually serve?

This depends from country to country! In some countries, or states, life sentenced actually means life sentenced - so, untill they die. However, when a person in the Netherlands (just an example) gets life sentenced we're normally speaking of 20 years, with a maximum extention to that, of 10 years (making it 30). You will get mental care after that, so it might be considered as life sentenced after all.

Can you be in a bar while on probation?

The conditions set by the court for a sentence of probation is different for every person. You must read the documents you received at the time you were sentenced.

What is parole?

(law) a conditional release from imprisonment that entitles the person to serve the remainder of the sentence outside the prison as long as the terms of release are complied withconditional release

What is the sentence for a battery charge in Florida?

A person convicted of misdemeanor battery in Florida may be sentenced to up to one year in jail. If convicted of felony battery, the sentence is up to five years in prison.

Can a person be sentenced twice for the same crime?


What happens if arrested for petty larceny in NY?

If arrested for petty larceny in NY, a person will go to court and be sentenced. The sentence will vary depending on a plea deal.

What is the Common Punishment For False Imprisonment?

False Imprisonment can be a felony or a misdemeanor, depending on whether or not the person was violently detained, which would make it a felony. The crime and it's statutory sentence for punishment can vary from state-to-state. You would have to check your own state's statutes regarding it.

A person sentenced to sixteen months in a state prison actually serve how much time?

a person sentenced to sixteen months in a state prison actually serves how much time? a person sentenced to sixteen months in a state prison actually serves how much time?