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What is more fattening cake or cake mix?

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They are essentially the same thing. A cake is just what is the result of baking cake mix. Each is about euqally as unhealthy for you as the other is.

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Answered 2019-11-27 06:02:51

I think cake mix is more fattening.

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How fattening is cake?

Depends on what your eating, most of cake is real fattening though.

What is more fattening a cake or an ice cream?

For the same serving size, cake tends to be worse.

Can you substitute cream for milk in cake recipe?

Yes, you can substitute cream for milk in a cake recipe, and your cake will be richer (and more fattening) as a result.

Can you use a regular cake mix when a pound cake mix is called for?

i wouldn't because a pound cake is much more dense than a normal cake.

What do you do if you put to much flour in a cake?

you might have to add more cake mix

How can you take chocolate cake mix and make it more like brownies?

It would not be easy to make a chocolate cake mix more like brownies because the mix already contains more flour, baking powder and other ingredients to make it rise and have the texture of cake.

Can you mix homemade cake mix with storebought cake mix?

Of course!

How do you make your cookies more like a cake?

use cake mix to make cookies,

How can you make a peanut butter cake from a cake mix?

first you can add milk and peanuts in a blenders; mix until it is smooth. After while you are mixing the cake mix add the mix to the cake mix

Which is less fattening a sugar free pound cake or a fat free pound cake?

Sugar free because if it is sugar free it s way more healthier

Will 1 egg short effect the cake from a cake mix?

yes usually if you have one egg short for a cake mix it wont turn out rightMore information:One egg can be replaced in a cake mix with a tablespoon oil and two tablespoons water.

What is the difference between cake mix and pound cake mix?

Usually cake mix is meant to be a moisture cake, whereas pound cake is dense. Pound cake is easier to stack/sculpt. Cake mix usually has better flavor, whereas pound cake mix would require a syrup to help with flavor and moisture.

Can you use cake mix as cupcake mix?

Yes, cupcakes can be made with a cake mix.

What does milk do to cake mix?

It makes it more moist and sweeter.

Can you mix cake flour with cake mix?

well the cake mix might have flour with it so i think you don't need to add cake flour. Kitten ^.^

Which is more fattening ice cream or cake?

baskin robins ice cream is very with full of butter and caramel.. marbles creamey cake is next fattening source.its very very tasty..u can't control eating ,once u eat it..That much tasty

How many cake mixes for a 8 in cake mix?

one package cake mix will make 1 8" cake

What are the ingredients in cake mix?

What it says on the packet of the cake mix usually.

How many boxes of cake mix for 16in by 4in round cake?

One box of cake mix.

What can you add to a boxed cake mix to make it moister?

more flour

How fattening is trail mix to eat on a daily basis with nonfat frozen yogurt?

It really depends on the exact composition of the trail mix. Nonfat frozen yogurt is fattening if it has a lot of sugar.

How much sugar is in one box of cake mix?

it depends on the cake mix

How many mini cupcakes does a cake mix make?

depends on the cake mix.

What happens if you don't mix cake mix?

The cake will not taste the way it is supposed to.

Where to buy cup cake mix?

cupcake mix is just cake mix, except for instead of putting it in a cake pan you put it in a cupcake pan.