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dhpp and rabies vaccines. distemper, hepatitis, parvo, and parainfluenza(dhpp), maybe kennel cough(bordetella) but i doubt it

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Q: What is needed in terms of shots or paperwork as an American to return to the states from Canada with the dog?
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Sometimes citizens of one country can live in one country, but decide they want to go home for work and to live. Canadian citizens who live in the US and then want to return home need to have a B-4 form and other paperwork to present to the border authorities, but you do not to reapply for citizenship.

Will American idol return?


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If they are not sentenced to prison, they can return to Canada using their Canadian passport. It is to be noted that Canada and the US share their poice database; meaning they can't "escape" to Canada; because criminal history shows up as soon as the passport is scanned at the border.

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