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To install a radio you need a wiring harness for a 1994 Dodge (a Metra 80-1817 from Circuit City is what I used), and an installation kit (make sure it fits a 1994 Dodge Spirit). You'll probably need to splice the wires from the wiring harness to the stereo harness unless you can get find the right kind of connection somewhere.

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Q: What is needed to install a new radio in a 1994 Dodge Spirit and is there a installation kit?
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Dodge spirit 95 install speakers doors?

Dodge spirit and Plymouth Acclaims use 5 1/4" speakers in front and rear doors. The covers pry off if done gently. The have plastic tabs holding them on. They get brittle so be careful. Just unscrew and install new speakers and snap on the covers. They sell kits a Walmart and other stores if needed for the speakers. I'm getting ready to replace the door speakers in my 94 Dodge Spirit.

When was Dodge Spirit created?

Dodge Spirit was created in 1989.

Where can you find a diagram for a 4.7 dodge serpentine belt installation?

Usually there is a service sticker located on top of the radiator showing how to install the belt with or without ac.

How do you install the radio from a 90 Dodge Spirit into an 89 Dodge Spirit?

The radios should have the same clips. Take it out of the dash, unplug it and reverse the removal process. the clips in dash of car were cut off and missing...that is the problem.. Thx m.Bower for trying! Greg

Route for serpentine belt on 1994 Dodge Spirit?

serpentine belt routing diagram for 1994 dodge spirit

Will 1993 Dodge Spirit trunk wiring work on a 1991 Dodge Spirit?

yes 1987-1994 will work

Where is the methane sensor on a 1993 dodge spirit?

There is no such thing on a spirit.

How do you install aftermarket tachometer 1995 Dodge Ram?

How do I install a aftermarket tachometer on a 1995 dodge ram truck

What size speakers for 94 dodge spirit?

5.25 on all dodge spirit and Plymouth acclaim Have a good day

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A Dodge 3.3L does not have a timing belt

What is the correct spark plug gap for 1993 dodge spirit?

i have a 94 dodge spirit with a 2.5. and the spark plug gap is 0.35 I have a 92 Spirit with the 2.5, all of the 2.5L engines have the cap of 0.350

Power distribution box on a 93 dodge spirit?

power dist box on a spirit

Is there a reset button on a 1990 dodge spirit?

Dodge does not use inertia/reset switches.

Is there a 1995 Dodge Spirit Serpentine Belt Diagram?

Yes, there is a diagram for a 1995 Dodge Spirit Serpentine Belt Diagram. It is found in the maintenance manual to the car.

Where is the torque converter clutch solenoid in a 1993 dodge spirit?

not really familiar with a dodge spirit,but a torque converter and a clutch are two completely different things

How do you change a catalytic converter on a 1993 dodge spirit?

it is in line in your exhaust system, not an easy repair, need to put vehicle on lift, cut off old one, install new..

How do you install projector lamps on a 2007 dodge challenger?

No Dodge Challengers were made in 2007.

Can you put a 1991 Dodge spirit turbo engine in a 1992 Dodge colt?

It is not a direct fit.

Where is the fuel pump switch on a 1993 dodge spirit?

Dodge does not use inertia/reset switches.

Does your 1994 dodge spirit have a cataylic converter?


Where is the fuel filter located on a 1991 Dodge Spirit?

The Fuel filter on a 91 Dodge Spirit is located on the left side of the car near the back tire. That is the passenger side.

What does a starter relay cut off switch look like on a 94 dodge spirit 3.0?

where is the starter relay cut off switch located on a 94 dodge spirit

How do you install a PCV valve on a 1997 dodge avenger 2.0L?

It's basically a "plug-and-play" installation. Simply pull the hoses off the ends of the current PCV and replace it with the new PCV. Replacement is reverse of removal.

How do you install thermostats in a 2007 dodge caliber rt 2.4l?

where are the thermostats on dodge caliber rt

Where is the EGR valve on 1992 dodge spirit?

I have a 1992 Dodge Spirit and it doesnt have an Egr Valve, but that's for the basic spirit, if you have an es, or anything, it will be located on the Intake Manifold. Its not hard to spot cause they usually say EGR across the top of it.