What is on the same circuit as the backup lights for the 2001 Sport Trac - the fuse keeps blowing?

On the same fuse is the daytime running lights, DTR sensor, rear defrost. BTW, did you ever find out what is causing it to blow?? Mine is doing the same thing and I don't have any idea what the cause is. If you know, email me back at jnd@aros.net so I can get mine fixed. Thanks

it took a while for me to diagnose that issue on my 2001 sporttrac, but it seems that ford also placed the OD switch (on transmission gear selector on column) on this circuit and finding the wiring for that switch had chafed at the hinge point in that selector stalk (replaced fuse and played with selector with engine running, plastic off column and in the dark saw the spark. just wrapped with tape and all is good now.