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Nihilism is a shadow in the of the most devious shadows there is.

It tries to convince the One (that is you as the Self united with God in Eternity) that there is nothing, absolutely nothing at the end of your life on earth.
So, nihilism is a pathology of a certain transcendental truth. We find through deep experiential awareness that "emptiness is form,,,,,form is emptiness" as the ancient Buddhist text said.
Nihilism takes this truth, and corrupts it by insisting that emptiness is meaningless,,,,,form is meaningless,,,,there is no beauty,,,there is no goodness, there is no truth..

Confront nihilism every chance you get, and bring it's ugliness to the light . shine the light of your being on this shadow inside you, and it will slowly buy surely dissolve...

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Q: What is overcoming Nihilism means?
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