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It is a proposed way of removing phenol from water using mustard greens.

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How does phenol work against bacteria?

At concentrations above 1% phenol has a significant antibacterial affect. Derivatives of phenol, called phenolics, injure the lipid-containing plasma membranes of bacteria and cause the cell to leak its cellular contents.

What are identification tests of phenol?

You add a specific ionic compound in a solution to determine if phenol or any of its derivatives are present. Ferric chloride (FeCl3) for example, can be used for such tests. Basically, when you mix the solution with the compound, the ions will interact with the phenol molecules or groups, and as a result, the solution will briefly change color. If there is no colour change in the solution, this suggest there is no phenol or phenol-based molecules in your solution.

Why are esters compounds also called derivatives of carboxylic acid?

Not all esters are derivatives of carboxilic acid, they could also be derivatives of phosphoric, sulphuric or carbonic (etc.) acids. However, they are called derivatives of 'X' acid because they are formed by reacting an oxoacid ('X') with a hydroxyl compound (alcohol or phenol). See the related link and related question for more information about how esters are synthesized.

Structure of phenol?


How do you prepare phenol?

How do you prepare phenol?

Is phenol flammable?

Phenol is flammable.

Which is more acidic phenol or para-chloro phenol?

phenol is more acidic.

Why should peeled potatoes not to be exposed to air longer then necessary?

peeled potatoes should not be exposed to air longer than necessary to avoid oxidation and changing of color of the surface. it contains the polyphenol oxidase which oxidizes catechol to o-diphenol. the phenol oxidases are copper containing proteins which can oxidize phenol derivatives to quinones.

What is the Pka of phenol?

The pKa of phenol is 9.95

Which is stronger acid ethanol or phenol?


Is phenol acid or base?

Phenol is a weak acid.

Chemical properties for the Phenol formaldehyde?

Phenol Formaldehyde

What are some examples of a phenol?

What are some examples of Phenol

What phenol is phenol used in?

Phenol is used in the manufacturing of glue, paint, and other products of that sort. It is highly hazardous.

Does phenol react with bromine?

Yes, at room temperature bromine reacts with phenol and forms 2,4,6-tribromo phenol.

Is phenol soluble in water?

Phenol is sparingly soluble in water

What state is phenol at room temperature?

Phenol is a solid at r.m.

Which is strong acid water or phenol?

Both water and phenol are very weak acids. Though phenol is the stronger of the two.

Why phenol is more acidic then alcohol?

Phenol are acidic due to the formation of stable phenoxide ions in aqueos solution. Phenol itself give pheoxide on dissociation Phenol----------------- Phenoxide- + H+

Is Phenol more acidic than cyclohexanol?

The conjugate base of cyclohexanol is not as strong as that of the phenol. This is why phenol is considered to be 1,000,000 stronger an acid.

Is phenol easier or more difficult to substitute with bromine than benzene?

The substitution reactions of phenol are easier than benzene, phenol directly reacts with bromine and gives tribromo phenol while benzene requires FeCl3 as a catalyst and gives mono bromo phenol.

Is phenol soluble in sodium bicarbonate?

No. Phenol is only soluble in NaOH.

Can you get phenol from carbolic acid?

Carbolic acid is another name for Phenol.

What increase absorbance of phenol in ethanol?

Increasing the amount of phenol in the solution

What is density of phenol in different temperature?

phenol density at room temperature

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